Right Light Snowballs





Introduction: Right Light Snowballs

DIY light up snowballs for perfect festive accent and nice soft lighting.

Step 1: Materials

The list you need to get it done for $7 bucks from any hobby store!

1. Tea Lights. $2.00
2. Foam Balls. $5.00
3. Small Knife. (ASK AN ADULT)
4. Container. -For the mess-
5. Sharpie. -Any marker will do-

Step 2: Mark Twice Cut Once

Remove your Tea lights and Styrofoam balls from your packaging and mark with a sharpie or heavy pen how big your hole has to be.

Step 3: Cut the Pie

I found it easier to cut the holes out like slicing a pizza. Then you can remove the center with very light effort.

Step 4: Aaa Push It.

Once your hole is of size to fit the tea light. Simply push it into the hole.

Step 5: Turn on and Enjoy!

Your Done! Just flip over to turn on the tea light and enjoy all your hard work! WELL DONE!

Step 6:



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    My 7-year-old grandson wants a Harry Potter birthday party next month. I can see these hanging from the ceiling in groups to add an eerie effect to Hogwarts!

    Pretty darn good idea i'll have to try that.

    Neat idea, and so simple too. Thanks for sharing!

    Thanks! My first but not last I assure you its been really fun