DIY light up snowballs for perfect festive accent and nice soft lighting.

Step 1: Materials

The list you need to get it done for $7 bucks from any hobby store!

1. Tea Lights. $2.00
2. Foam Balls. $5.00
3. Small Knife. (ASK AN ADULT)
4. Container. -For the mess-
5. Sharpie. -Any marker will do-

Step 2: Mark Twice Cut Once

Remove your Tea lights and Styrofoam balls from your packaging and mark with a sharpie or heavy pen how big your hole has to be.

Step 3: Cut the Pie

I found it easier to cut the holes out like slicing a pizza. Then you can remove the center with very light effort.

Step 4: Aaa Push It.

Once your hole is of size to fit the tea light. Simply push it into the hole.

Step 5: Turn on and Enjoy!

Your Done! Just flip over to turn on the tea light and enjoy all your hard work! WELL DONE!

Step 6:

<p>My 7-year-old grandson wants a Harry Potter birthday party next month. I can see these hanging from the ceiling in groups to add an eerie effect to Hogwarts!</p>
Pretty darn good idea i'll have to try that.
<p>Neat idea, and so simple too. Thanks for sharing!</p>
Thanks! My first but not last I assure you its been really fun

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