Picture of Alternating Tread Stairs
This is a great option for people who dont have too much space in their offices or house for a regular long stair... you can save at least the half of the space without the problems of having smaller steps... its a little bit dificult to make the math, but is an excellent result, and you can make it as elegant as you can do it.
Let's get it on!
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Step 1: Our problem.

Picture of Our problem.
We have an office in an old building in Monterrey, Mexico, and we pay a rent of only $150 US at month, so is very cheap, but is not a big space... maybe 8m x 4m with two gigant windows in the front in one of the 8m sides, and the door is on the 4m side... so is a very small space but is very good ventilated and we are right in the downtown. So our first step was build a second floor with 3/4" plywood and a lot of wood beams and steel columns... so we need a strong stair but we can't use a lot of space. And my partner remember a desing that he saw back in his school days and in a lot of european magazzines: a Right foot stair.

Step 2: Our solution.

Picture of Our solution.
So we start to think about it and make a few drawings and research... and we mix a lot of great ideas. We look for materials, and the best way to make it more comfortable and resistent.

We choose to use more plywood, two big wood beams and a little bit of steel.

We make the math for the hight of the steps and found the correct angle to have the 2.17m that we have to climb.
tilmen3 years ago
Can't it be dangerous? especially when sleepy?
tioshrek (author)  tilmen3 years ago
I guess maybe... but you get use to really fast...
we use it all the time... and even kids use it...
tilmen tioshrek3 years ago
I must say that it's an example of good designing.
This was made by the Brazilian inventor Santos Dumont, in the early 1900s.
tioshrek (author)  humberto ribas4 years ago
Frikin amazing!!!
we saw this in old european magz but they didnt say anything about the inventor...
I had one built for me, but these links are for the original one by him.


Pilgrim554 years ago
I love it! I just built something like it. Look for "Single Step Stairs" but it is only four steps. Great job.
tioshrek (author)  Pilgrim554 years ago
thank you!!!
stevet474 years ago
Good work. FYI- They are called Alternating Tread Stairs.
tioshrek (author) 4 years ago
It´s a great solution... need some work... but its very effective!! good luck!
bg_askins4 years ago
these will work well in my new shop to save floor space :)