I hope it's all clear enough.
Any questions? comment!

Green: 77
White 39
Blue: 97
Yellow: 39
Red: 43
Grey: 7

Dark-grey: 31
Light-grey: 4
Orange: 23
Red: 24
Green: 32
Yellow: 49
White: 3
Purple: 52
Blue: 22

Blue spacer: 103
Tan clip: 16
Y-clip: 30
Blue clip: 6
Blue gear: 1
Red gear: 5
Chain link: 32
Motor: 1

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Step 1: Entrance track

Step 2: Motor and first crank

Step 3: First arm

Step 4: Second crank and arm

Step 5: Two arms and exit track

Step 6: Chain

Picture of Chain
Difficult part because the two cranks have to work together.  

Step 7: Finished!

Picture of Finished!
Your Right handed armlift is just finished! 
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hunter99911 months ago
Can you make this lift higher? provided that there is more torque for the motor.
dickheijboer (author)  hunter99911 months ago
Of coarse you can, the motor is strong enough, I think. But than you have to make another crank. One crank for two arms.
Great lift! Arms look chaotic, but always go to the right place...nice on the synchronization. :-)
Thanks man, yes the synchronization with the chain is the most difficult part..
KneXtreme11 months ago
Must... build... lift...
dickheijboer (author)  KneXtreme11 months ago
Thanks! :)
nerfrocketeer11 months ago
Where's the left handed one!? XD
dickheijboer (author)  nerfrocketeer11 months ago
You can build him...? :D
No. Me no has motors. :(
dickheijboer (author)  nerfrocketeer11 months ago
Buy one?
If I find one at a store. (I don't buy online).
dickheijboer (author)  nerfrocketeer11 months ago
Ahh, okey.
Sorunome12 months ago
Wow, that thing is awesome, great job!
dickheijboer (author)  Sorunome12 months ago
no prob :D
dickheijboer (author)  Sorunome12 months ago
Are you gonna build it? Or not.. ?
eventually maybe, but i have already all lifts done in apocalypse.
But it is looking so awesome :)
dickheijboer (author)  Sorunome12 months ago
Ohh, yes, I know!
Thanks, your lifts are better.. :)
nah, i'm not that good at knexing
hunter999 Sorunome11 months ago
No man your awesome! :) One of the best knexers on this site IMO!
Sorunome hunter99911 months ago
Ha, thanks a lot! ^.^
hunter999 Sorunome11 months ago
No problemo ;)
dickheijboer (author)  Sorunome12 months ago
Sorunome not good at knexing? Never!
yes man
dickheijboer (author)  Sorunome12 months ago
You build awesome lifts and ball machines!
not *that* awesome IMO
Well you can't say you are not good at writing scripts :p
dickheijboer (author)  sandroknexmaster11 months ago
i can say everything i want ^.^
In your dreams ;)
/me start dreaming
/you having nightmare
hunter99912 months ago
Awesome dude! Very innovative and creative! Brilliant concept, keep it up! :-)
dickheijboer (author)  hunter99912 months ago
Really nice lift!
dickheijboer (author)  knexpert#1082947611 months ago
koolcoasterkid12 months ago
Great! I really like how the arms move in different ways and they are not running at the same speed. Again, very cool design. Hope to see more from you! :D
dickheijboer (author)  koolcoasterkid11 months ago
Thanks! But they run at the same speed!
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