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Introduction: Ring Box

This ring box is made from purple heart and beech. A simple box for a special occasion. This box can be completed in a few hours.

I was asked to make this box for a friends son who has now proposed to his girlfriend i was delighted to be asked to make the box and im happy to report she said "yes".


2 inch square of purple heart wood.

1 inch x 2 inch of beech

3mm brass rod 2 1/2 inches long

3.5mm drill bit

1/4 inch bandsaw blade

1/8 inch bandsaw blade

Sand sealer

Clear lacquer

Foam to hold rin in box

Step 1: Step 1

Cut the purple heart to 2" x 2" square

Cut Beech to 1" x 2"

Get the 3mm rod, and 3.5 mm drill bit

Use a compass to draw a circle at top right of purple heart this will be the hinge for the lid so does not need to be big just needs to have a centre mark so you can drill the hole for the rod.

Draw the design of the lid and box on side of purple heart.

Step 2: Step 2

Drill hole in purple heart making sure the wood is square so the drill hole is straight.

Cut the lid out on the bandsaw using 1/8 inch blade

Cut box out ( Dont make the sides to thin 1/4 inch should be enough to make a strong ring box)

Thats the box all cut, Now for the sides

Step 3: Step 3

Draw around the box onto the beech put a marker where you want to drill.

Drill hole for rod

Put purple heart on top of beech wood place rod through as a guide to draw around box shape

On bandsaw with 1/8 inch blade cut around box shape this does not need to be to close as this will be all sanded once glued up.

Using 1/4 inch blade cut down the centre of beech to make the two sides

Looking good time for glue up

Step 4: Stap 4

Glue up box (DONT PUT GLUE ON LID) just on box bottom put rod in for glue up

A few hours should be fine but to be sure leave overnight

Sand the box with lid in closed position

I used a small dremel tool sander to make a dip in wood on lid to help with opening lid

Time for the finish

Step 5: Step 5

With a small brush i used 50/50 sand sealer and cellulose thinners

one coat was enough for me

when dry give a very light sand

one light spray of clear lacquer

Cut the foam and place in the box

All done congratulations



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    Great design!! This really turned out beautiful.

    Yeh was delighted with finish. Thank you

    beautiful design and box but you really need to tension that blade and set up your bearings correctly...

    Lol yeh you are right thanks for comment

    ooops sorry , just saw the end about tensioning...

    love how it looks reminessant to a tiny treasure chest! excellent design! voted!

    Thank you so very much.

    Very nice. I'm glad I took the time to watch the whole video

    Thank you very much. Im not very good on camera but as long as it does not distract from the purpose im happy.

    Very nice. I'm glad I took the time to watch the whole video