"Ring-On-A-String" Fun and Simple Game for all Ages

earz_cd10 months ago

They used to have these games at a campground we stayed at when I was younger. I need to make one of these. Thanks for the reminder.

nice maxim
eclectek4 years ago
Also, you should add a good knot suggestion for attaching the ring to the string and the string to the ceiling hook. I found the 'uni knot' to be very useful. Every other knot I tried eventually slipped.
eclectek4 years ago
This is a good start for somebody looking to make the 'ringing the bull' game, but the measurements will vary by ceiling height. You might want to add that in. One key thing I picked up for your project was that the ring should be centered over the hook when fully extended. Nobody else mentions that! Thanks.
CaseyCase5 years ago
For just a few bucks worth of stuff from the hardware store and less than 5 minutes to set it up, I find that this game is alot of fun. It's sometimes referred to as "Bimini ring" or "ringing the bull."
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