Ring Pendant Light





Introduction: Ring Pendant Light

This instructable is made for the contest of "hand tools only"
Thank you!

Step 1: Materials

I happen to have some scrap aluminum sheet stripes and was thinking how to make something from them.

Step 2: Tools

All you need is
-some rivets
- river gun
- power drill
- packaging tape
- led stripe
-a hammer or I my case a ball forming die tool

Step 3: Shaping the Metal

With the die you shape the stripe into carved circle

Step 4: Add Led Stripe

Then you add the led stripe and tape to the inside. I taped it because it was used and was not sticking by itself.

Step 5: Fix With Rivets

Now fix the circle with two rivets you can drill both and lock with rivet then.

Step 6: Light Up

Now take a twelve volt power unit and light up your Ring pendant light. Enjoy and thank you!



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    I like the idea - form, and all that, will probably try making a similar one from stainless steel some time. Adding a double sided tape under the LED strips instead of clear tape over would've added so much aesthetically, but it's never too late to do that I guess!

    3 replies

    I'd be tempted to do the opposite. Something over the LEDs to diffuse the light might look good too.

    some frosted acrylic would do that perfectly, or just plain white which would be easier to bend into the required shape without distortion

    Yeah, that's even better, I was just speaking about fixing them in place. (:

    Yes this one application I have done already see here http://migma-ideas.blogspot.gr/2011/04/wardrobe-numbers.html?m=1

    On your question about the material it is electrostatic paint on aluminum sheet and it is commonly used for door panels, Window frames etc.

    Very nice. What is this aluminum sheet normally used for? And does it come in different wood grain patterns?

    Seeing all the edge light acrylic signs lately, this could easily be modified for that purpose as well.

    Thank you

    Very interesting! I've never seen a light like this.