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Thank you!

Step 1: Materials

I happen to have some scrap aluminum sheet stripes and was thinking how to make something from them.

Step 2: Tools

All you need is
-some rivets
- river gun
- power drill
- packaging tape
- led stripe
-a hammer or I my case a ball forming die tool

Step 3: Shaping the Metal

With the die you shape the stripe into carved circle

Step 4: Add Led Stripe

Then you add the led stripe and tape to the inside. I taped it because it was used and was not sticking by itself.

Step 5: Fix With Rivets

Now fix the circle with two rivets you can drill both and lock with rivet then.

Step 6: Light Up

Now take a twelve volt power unit and light up your Ring pendant light. Enjoy and thank you!

<p>I like the idea - form, and all that, will probably try making a similar one from stainless steel some time. Adding a double sided tape under the LED strips instead of clear tape over would've added so much aesthetically, but it's never too late to do that I guess!</p>
I'd be tempted to do the opposite. Something over the LEDs to diffuse the light might look good too.
<p>some frosted acrylic would do that perfectly, or just plain white which would be easier to bend into the required shape without distortion</p>
<p>Yeah, that's even better, I was just speaking about fixing them in place. (:</p>
Yes this one application I have done already see here http://migma-ideas.blogspot.gr/2011/04/wardrobe-numbers.html?m=1<br><br>On your question about the material it is electrostatic paint on aluminum sheet and it is commonly used for door panels, Window frames etc.
<p>Very nice. What is this aluminum sheet normally used for? And does it come in different wood grain patterns?</p><p>Seeing all the edge light acrylic signs lately, this could easily be modified for that purpose as well. </p>
<p>very cool !!</p>
Thank you
<p>Very interesting! I've never seen a light like this.</p>

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