Introduction: Ring From a Broken Necklace.

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Make a simple ring from a broken necklace.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

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broken necklace, cutters, Mandel, torch, flux, solder, helping hands, file, dremel, sandpaper.
As with any project THINK SAFETY !
Don't cut, burn or sand yourself. Believe me it hurts..

Step 2: Measure and Cut.

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Cut chain as close to the pendant. Measure out length on the Mandel and mark. Cut at mark. A Size 7 ring measures 2 1/4 inches in length.
If you don't have a Mandel their are several websites that have a "ring size to length measurement" chart.

Step 3: Prepare to Solder

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Position chain into the helping hands. Carefully heat and flux then solder.. Use as little solder as possible but enough to weld it together. Warning getting it to hot will discolor chain.

Step 4: Clean Up the Solder Weld.

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File and sand solder down until smooth and polished using fine grit sandpaper. I used 220 grit. Be sure not to remove too much of the solder. It needs it for strength.

Step 5: Give It to Someone You Love.

Picture of Give It to Someone You Love.

Now that its finished give it to someone you love.


LanaM (author)2015-02-03

very cool idea

KLethal (author)LanaM2015-02-04


cpeebles (author)2015-02-03

I love it the best! 'cause I get to wear it :)♡ Thanks babe ♡

KLethal (author)cpeebles2015-02-03

your welcome sweetie...

bw123 (author)2015-02-03

Wonderful :-=

KLethal (author)bw1232015-02-03

thank you

amberrayh (author)2015-02-03

It looks lovely. Great job! Thanks for the thorough instructions!

KLethal (author)amberrayh2015-02-03

thank you

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