Impress your friends that have no faith in you that, yes, you can indeed draw a dot and a ring around it, without connecting them and without lifting your pen (or pencil).

Step 1: Get Paper!

Find a piece of paper. If possible, find the girliest piece of paper around, like I did.

Step 2: Grasp Pen (or Pencil)

Hold pen in your hand with the cap removed.

Step 3: Make the Dot

Put pen to paper and draw a little dot.

Once you put your pen onto the paper, DO NOT lift it, this is the whole point, remember!

Step 4: Grab a Corner

With the dot drawn and the pen still in contact with the piece of paper, grab one corner of the girly piece of paper with your other hand.

Step 5: Fold Down Corner

Fold the corner of the piece of paper so that the edge lies directly next to the dot.

Step 6: Here's the Mind Boggling Trick Part

With the corner of the paper right next to the dot (you should STILL have your pen on the paper, on the dot), draw a line onto the corner away from the dot.

Step 7: Here We Go...

With the pen still on the paper, and a line drawn away from the dot, begin drawing a circle around the dot.

Step 8: Move Corner Out of the Way

As your pen leaves the corner of the paper, move it out of the way and finish drawing the circle

Step 9: Look What Cha Done!

When you've completed the circle around the dot, now you've drawn a dot with a ring around it WITHOUT lifting your pen. Hopefully this restores your friends' faith in you, or they'll just make fun of you and your choice of girly paper. Congratulations!
i neva knew dat before dude!
Cool, but why did you use a girly piece of paper? *shudders*
look at step two
Well, thats perplexing.
<h2> nice 1</h2>
na seen it to many times not good, try somethink diffrent
Wow. Nifty idea, but once you do it, no ones impressed anymore.
I know that's the unfortunate thing! You'll have to make sure that you have lots of friends and only show it to them one at a time and somehow make sure they don't tell each other, and space it out as long as you can so that there are always more friends to impress.
same concept as in <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/EQF5JOGF18DW9MN/?ALLSTEPS">here</a> very nice<br/>
hah!nice!clever!very clever!:))
This is a great bar trick ;) Be sure you're buddy will buy you a beer if you can achieve the feat :p

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