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Introduction: Rings and Chain Fidget

About: I'm a dad, husband, son, teacher, special ed teacher, and person with dyslexia.

This Instructables you will learn how to make a fidget tool. This tool will help people that have a hard time sitting still.

Step 1: Rings and Chain Fidget

What you will need

  1. Bike chain
  2. Two key Rings
  3. Chain breaking tool
  4. 2 to 4 Rainbow loom rubber band. (Personal prefers if and how many to use.)

Step 2: Breaking the Chain.

Using the chain break. Break bike chain into two, one outer link and one inner link.

Step 3:

Break the chain so you have 4 outers or inners that are the same. Outers/inners make the Fidget behave differently.

Step 4:

Take two of your outers/inners and put them on the outside of your link piece. Run the Keyring through the eye hole of all 3 link pieces(the 2 outers/inners and one link pieces)

Step 5:

Take the chain break and remove the pin. Back the chain break out slowly or the bushing will fall out. Rubber band links together then run keyring through eye hole.

Step 6:

Link all rings together. Overlap the rings by feeding one ring over the other and your done

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31 Discussions

what is the size of the key rings?

I made several but only used 2 outers. What does the extra 2 outers do for it?

1 reply

Maybe I miss understood. One of the pictures above shows 4 separate outer links in addition to the ones still attached to the inner links. Mine seem to work fine regardless.

I couldn't get mine to work... The links are too big... What size did you use...?

1 reply

It's the chain for 1 - 3 speed bikes. As I understand it, chains for higher speed bikes have different sized links.

You probably have everything you need to make "the best fidget in the whole wide world"!! Mine is made of copper wire but you can also make it of keyrings!


1 year ago

Is there any way to take the bike chains apart without special tools?

2 replies

Use a nail and hammer to punch out the pin in the chain or a nail punch what ever fits in the pin hole

I know a few kids who will each want one. Thanks.

Nifty! So how do you get your parts so bright? Even the new chain I bought for my bike is not shiny like yours, much less the used chain I'm using to make my fidget. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

3 replies

I degrease bike chains with 1:1 Simple Green and water. Drop the chain (or separated links) into a sealed jar with the solution, hand to someone who likes to fidget to agitate the jar for a while, then pull the parts out and rinse. An old chain will probably come cleaner, since the factory lube on a new chain is very resistant to removal.

I get things tidy when repairing bikes with "wet baby towel" or, for chains even better, the oily alternative product from the local drug store or pharmacy.

It is just a bike chain. Nickel plated for rust resistance. you can buy them any where.


1 year ago

I would love for you to make one for me and I will buy it. How much?

2 replies

There are a lot of places online to buy them. They can cost upwards of $20. That is why I made this instructable. It is not fair to have a Mom or Dad pay $20 for something that cost under $2 to make. I have more design coming.

fidgetland.com has really nice ones for 5-7$


1 year ago

I love the idea but I don't have any bike chain that I can use laying around. Do you have any ideas of things I could use as a substitute?

2 replies

use a lego beam 3 - http://www.brickowl.com/catalog/lego-beam-3-17141-32523-41482. i made one using that

Go to the hardware store. Ask for Roller Chain Links.