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This is my second instructable.

I bought this player on the internet, hoping that a firmware upgrade and a new battery would solve the 'low battery' message problem.

It was a fight to install the new firmware (since you can't skip the warning message), and when the new battery was installed and charged the warning still wouldn't go away.

The only other major component was the HD, so I picked one online and viola ! It works !

I would recommend reading this entire instructable before starting the project. It's not that long, and could help you avoid breaking something that isn't easy to fix !

Step 1: Disassemble and replace battery

The Riot has 4 torx head screws holding it together. I found that a 2mm straight tip screwdriver works well in removing these screws.

After you take the screws out, gently lift the top cover off. The volume control is a single part that is easily removed by lifting it straight up, and the power button removal is the same.

Now gently remove the entire assembly, being careful to grab the battery (on the left side) as soon as possible to keep it from damaging the connector, or breaking a wire (don't let the battery dangle by the wire !)

Gently remove the battery plug from the connector and place it aside.

If you're just replacing the battery, do so, then put it all back together, paying special attention to the battery temp sensor. Be careful not to pinch the wires, or break the connections on the board, or the player will not work !

Here is a link for the Riot with battery recalibration information, firmware updates, manuals, etc.


***** The following link is dead as of 10/4/2012!  I have placed all Rio Riot files that I could find on Mediafire in a single zip file *****
Here is the Mediafire link:  Rio Riot Files.zip UPDATED on 10/8/12 to include the HD reader!

This link has the 1.25 firmware update, Rio Riot Manual, new battery information, battery calibration information, the readme for the 1.25 firmware update, and some PDF files that I pulled from the almost gone Rio website - and the RiotReader beta that lets you pull the drive and use it in Windows!

If you're just replacing the battery, you are finished with the hardware part. Now go to the link above and follow the directions on how to properly calibrate the battery.

If you are going to install the HD as well, head to the next step.

<p>Hi,</p><p>Do you have any idea or pinout for the USB connector?</p>
<p>Hi!</p><p>No, I never got around to checking that - do you have a cable that you can test? If not I'll dig my cable out and see what I can do!</p>
<p>Oh, please do that. :) I'm looking for that info as well. </p>
Hi, Anyone had any luck fixing their Riot ? If anyone has any parts they want to donate, just send me a message !
I don&quot;t know much about this stuff thats why I joind but I found a rioriot today at vthe thrift store for five dollars and it says the battery is done so is it worth buying and trying to replace the battery.
Why not? If you like to tinker, it sounds like a good project! Hopefully it comes with the cable - if not, I bet you could find one on ebay or digging through cable bins at the thrift store! Good luck!
Hi TheRealAnubis how did you change the PCB on top of the battery to the replacement? Is there anything I need to watch for?
Hi mmaroni,<br><br>I didn't change any of the PCB's - just the battery and the hard drive.<br><br>If you are planning to swap out any of the PCB's, you have to be very careful with the flip up connectors - I usually use a wooden toothpick to flip them up, working from side to side until they open. These usually get brittle, so they are easy to break.<br><br>The battery is just wedged in between the boards, not connected to anything except for the wires that go to the power connector.<br><br>I hope that helps! Good luck!
&nbsp;i am about &nbsp;to change the hard drive but i really don't know if it going to support a bigger one (40gig or 80gig)!!!<br /> <br />
Great !<br /> <br /> Let me know if it works.<br /> <br /> Also, these players seem to be touchy about the USB cable, so be careful when plugging and unplugging the cord from the player.&nbsp; One of my Riots just stopped working after I unplugged the USB cable...<br /> <br />
what is the part number for the rio riot battery?
Hi, I just searched for "Rio Riot battery" online, but one company that has a number that might work (I just found it listed on ebay) is: ICR18650-18 Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery This may even be a better battery than the original, since I'm not sure if the old one is ni-cad or not. The original battery from the riot doesn't have any numbers or writing on it, just a blue tube... Let me know if this helps !

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