Rip, Burn, Copy DVD Movies - The best, simplest way.

Picture of Rip, Burn, Copy DVD Movies - The best, simplest way.
This instructable explains how to copy whole DVD movies, including compressing them so they fit on cheaply avaliable 4.7GB blanks.

Software needed: (check out for downloads)
- DVD Shrink
- DVD Decryptor

Hardware needed:
- DVD Movie
- DVD Blank
- Computer, DVD Burner, etc.

This will be the basic instructable, showing how to copy a full disk with some changes to compression of the disk to give best movie quality. If there are enough requests I will write an advanced instructable to show how to copy only the main movie with no menu's or extra's (for large movies to get greater quality).

  • Obviously only copy DVD's that you have rights to copy, copying commercially made movies is a breach of copyright and ILLEGAL!
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Step 1: Overview of DVD Shrink

Picture of Overview of DVD Shrink
When you open DVD Shrink this is what your window will look like.

Mouseover the window below to view description of the main screen.

Step 2: Start the process

Picture of Start the process
Insert your DVD movie into a DVD drive.
Open DVD Shrink.
Click "Open Disk" then select the drive which contains your DVD movie and click OK.

This will bring up the Analysis window, just leave it be, you must finish a simple analysis before you can continue (see second image).

Step 3: Set Compression Values

Picture of Set Compression Values
Once the analysis has finished click on the main menu folder and check out its compression. I like to keep the compression at 80-100%. If the compression is lower than this, then click the menus folder and select custom from the compression pulldown menu.

Drag the "compression slider" down all the way to the left or until the red disapears from the total movie size bar.

Next click on the extras folder and do the same.

This will mean the main movie is at the least compressed and therefore the highest quality.
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dumona1 month ago

This fit my needs exactly. I wanted to make hard disc copies to play on my portable DVD player and this does the trick. I had located DVDShrink somewhere else but was still unsure of how to create the disc for play on the DVD player vs the laptop (I can play the ripped VOB files on my laptop via VLC player but these don't play on the DVD player). This process links the ripping of the files (DVDShrink) to the burning on the final disc (DVD Decrypter) for a relatively seamless procedure. Well done silliou! The only addtl help would be, as the author mentions, how to 'reauthor' to avoid copying the trailers and commentaries. You can see how that's done here:

babybrownfox3 months ago

For me the best and easiest way to burn movies is by using a software called convertxtodvd. I have no problem converting any format or file (mkv,avi,mp4,mpg and more..) Its perfect for my use. I will soon write instruction here but for the mean time you can checkout my profile. Add me up guys.

adawang1 year ago
Know about DVD Shrink. But what is DVD Decryptor? Seems like an additional DVD ripper or something. I prefer an all-in-one tool, so that I can rip, burn or copy within a one tool. I am using Blu-ray copy (from imElfin), i do not often purchase BD movies, but it supports both DVD and Blu-ray, which is so great. Plus, the copied iso can be converted to mp4 and i don't need a ripper tool. Cheers!
WendyPiha1 year ago
Question: When you copy a DVD.... is the copy you produce the SAME quality as the original, or is it a little less (or a lot less ) quality?
raul39585 years ago
I followed all of these instructions, but when I play it on the dvd player it doenst read it . The computer doenst read it too. What is happening here and how can I fix it?
Did either of you guys try downloading codec up dates for your computers?
so your computers can read different dvd formats. I'm not saying it will work but you can try it because it worked ofr me...
Whats a good external DVD burner out there thats relatively inexpensive? Also, since this article was written awhile back, any updates or newer software that should be used, or still DVD Shrink and DVD Decryptor?...Also, is this the same process used if trying to burn Blu-Ray?
i have dvd fab i use to burn movies on a reg dvd disk . now when doing so it tells me pls insert a double layer media disk . why does it do this now and how can i get it to go back to a reg dvd copy
some where in 'options' or 'settings' , the target size can be set. It should be 4.7 GB.
i generally use moviebox to rip dvds. also has a recording and a converting function, i say it's definitely worth looking into it, if you have problems using other products, and this is how it basically works.
Hello, Can we burn audio files on DVD disc ( not in MP3 or MP4 format)uncompressed file?
If you have uncompressed audio files , you can create an Audio DVD by using Audio DVD Creator. DVD Shrink and DVD Decryptor is just for shrinking (DVD9 to 4.7) and backing up DVD Videos .
does this process 'finalize' the disc? thanks
yes it does. Look in the log once it is done and you will see it
pgd50004 years ago
when i open DVD Decryptor i gives me an error saying: ParseVTSM runtime exception! File: VTS_13_0.IFO Message=EAccessViolation if i click ok then it just comes up again. i have no idea what to do any help?
cgoeppne4 years ago
Try using DL-DVD.
My Sanity4 years ago
Amazing instructions, thank you so much!

I made an account here just to thank you.

yengvue5 years ago
hi there i have a question:
 when you click on the backup icon and the window pops up ,
you have to slect the "ISO Image file and burn with DVD decryptor"
but somehow my only comes up as "ISO Image file" and there
is no DVD decryptor.? how come it's like that?
Hi Yengvue

Have you received a reply or resolved your problem, because I have the same difficulty.

Would like to know what to do about it!

kjwhytrym5 years ago
This worked perfectly, even on backing up my disney movies for the kidds!!   THANX!
The Best way to burn absolutely ANY MOVIE, even if it's copyright protected is: buy Anydvd and clonedvd2 from anydvd removes the copyright protection from all movies including disney. then shrink the movie using dvd shrink 3.2 (freeware) then use clonedvd2 to burn the movie, it's the best! I should do an Instructable on this, I guarantee it's way better than this Instructable!!
yengvue5 years ago
thank you this works great!
npatters5 years ago
 Using AnyDVD and Xilisoft DVD Ripper to rip Disney's "UP". very easy. copied .VOB in 15 minutes.
tmemphis5 years ago
@ picture_man36: As for Disney copyright, Use DVD43 and 1Click DVD Pro.

DVD43 will decrypt the DVD when you insert in into the DVD Drive. before copying. DVD43 then allows you to use the Drive to copy the files off the DVD to anywhere. Copy and paste if you want from DVD to hard drive. But we just want to copy it from DVD to DVD. (
just use 1Click DVD Pro. You select the DVD as the source and the DVD drive as the Destination, click copy and that's it. 1Click DVD Pro only copies, it does not decrypt the DVD, but that's already done by DVD43.

I like 1Click DVD Pro but you can use Nero, Roxio or whatever program your comfortable with.
Hello. I've scrolled through a few of the suggestions, and also googled this problem, and it doesn't work. I usually use Magic DVD, and this doesn't get around the Disney copyright, nor does DVD Shrink, or Magic DVD ripper. I don't pirate DVD's. What I do do to protect my DVD is take a 'backup' which I allow my 6 year old watch and use. In the past, I've ended up buying the same DVD again, as the original has been scratched when we lent it out, or my son has been a bit careless. I would be appreciative if anyone knows of a program that actually works, and I am now wondering what to do when the industry changes its method of copyright protection. Thank you
eveyyyx35 years ago
i basically have the same question as "ironmanandy" i followed all the steps correctly up to this one. when i load the blank disk into the tray it says "Device not ready (Medium not present - tray closed)" i used different brands of dvds with different movies on two different computers too. can anyone tell me the problem?
i have another question. this (of course) works for movies, but will this work for games?
nice instructable. but i couldn't quite find the dowload button for the software. could you provide a direct link for me?
thierry.kok5 years ago
DVD shrink for live!!!!!!!
suesse5 years ago
loved the easy step by step directions, thank you!! everything worked great, kids are watching the movie I just finished right now (so right now nothing wrong with it, well see). it took me some time but hey it was my first. i only tried with two for right now, and it was two because the first movie it didn't do anything, so i did a second one so now i just need to figure out why it didn't work with the first one.
foxpac_406 years ago
why is it that when i get to this point of my dvd being donei put it into the dvd player and it doesn't read it
karan016 years ago
hi when i open my dvd decrypter, it looks exactly the same as the one in the image but instead of it having the picture from the hdd to the dvd it goes from the dvd to the hdd, would u be able to tell me how to get it to go from the hdd to the dvd drive?
yes, you go to mode, iso then write not read
collard416 years ago
when i try to backup some new films (10000 BC) with DVD shrink it comes up with an error something to do with copyright protection. do you know how to get around this. apparently DVD decrypter can get around this, do you know how to rip DVDs with DVD decrypter? thank you
Walter476 years ago
MyspaceHi all!

I burnt a dvd useing this methode
- Decrypted the files useing dvd decryptor
- Shrunk the files useing dvd shrink
- Burned the shrunked files useing nero 8.

So I was watching it before and it started getting jummpy and skipping, after a while i got quite bad, stopping for 10seconds at a time. You guys got any idea or tips on how to fix this? Should I burn at a slower speed or somthing?


A lot of times a burned disc will not be supported by certain DVD players. It's a compatibility issue of +R or -R, the disc brand, and other related factors. The best way to go is to find discs that work in your player first, then try to burn movies to that type of disc. If your disc will play fine in another player (computers seem to be the best testing place) then you know for sure this is the problem.
yes burn at slower speeds as it reduces the errors also if you unless you have a multi core cdu do not do anything else on your pc while burning the disk . I have used dvd shrink and dvd decrypter with great results.
kburesh6 years ago
Use Videora to convert to your ipod!
ironmanandy6 years ago
hey how come when i insert my dvd-rw or my dvd+rw nothing happens, it says medium is not present. How do i make my computer read my discs?
patatoeman6 years ago
I can never get the compression to go over 60% with out making the menu and extras still images. Any ideas?
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