Rip, Burn, Copy DVD Movies - the Best, Simplest Way.





Introduction: Rip, Burn, Copy DVD Movies - the Best, Simplest Way.

This instructable explains how to copy whole DVD movies, including compressing them so they fit on cheaply avaliable 4.7GB blanks.

Software needed: (check out for downloads)
- DVD Shrink
- DVD Decryptor

Hardware needed:
- DVD Movie
- DVD Blank
- Computer, DVD Burner, etc.

This will be the basic instructable, showing how to copy a full disk with some changes to compression of the disk to give best movie quality. If there are enough requests I will write an advanced instructable to show how to copy only the main movie with no menu's or extra's (for large movies to get greater quality).

  • Obviously only copy DVD's that you have rights to copy, copying commercially made movies is a breach of copyright and ILLEGAL!

Step 1: Overview of DVD Shrink

When you open DVD Shrink this is what your window will look like.

Mouseover the window below to view description of the main screen.

Step 2: Start the Process

Insert your DVD movie into a DVD drive.
Open DVD Shrink.
Click "Open Disk" then select the drive which contains your DVD movie and click OK.

This will bring up the Analysis window, just leave it be, you must finish a simple analysis before you can continue (see second image).

Step 3: Set Compression Values

Once the analysis has finished click on the main menu folder and check out its compression. I like to keep the compression at 80-100%. If the compression is lower than this, then click the menus folder and select custom from the compression pulldown menu.

Drag the "compression slider" down all the way to the left or until the red disapears from the total movie size bar.

Next click on the extras folder and do the same.

This will mean the main movie is at the least compressed and therefore the highest quality.

Step 4: Backup - GO GO GO`

Now click the "Backup" icon on the toolbar, this will bring up the "Backup DVD window".
Select"ISO Image file and burn with DVD decryptor".
Select a folder to put your IMAGE, this is just just for temporary storage until the DVD is burned, it will automatically delete the files when finished.

Click OK to continue.

This will bring up the encoding window, depending on your computer speed, this will take from 10 mins to 30 mins. You can enable or disable the video preview, this does not effect the speed.

Step 5: Burn Image

When the disk has finished encoding DVD Decrypter will automatically open. Remove your DVD movie, insert a blank DVD disk into your DVDRW drive.

Click on the picture of the HDD and DVD on the bottom left, and this will start your DVD burning.

Once the burning image window opens, click the checkbox for "delete the image when done".

Step 6: DONE ! ! !

Enjoy your newly copied DVD movie.



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    No other features apart from backing up your dvds, many of its competitors offer extensive video editing features and can help you to both download and upload to the net, and convert between a wide variety of forms. I prefer to use Pavtube ByteCopy.

    This is the first time I have encountered a problem with the compression. The bar stays half green and half red. I have tried everything I can but to no avail......please advise! offer 4 solid DVD/Blu-ray ripping programs i've used and a comparison of their actual
    performances in DVD ripping.

    I was at the last step and a menu popped up that it could not lock the Audio. I have no idea what this means or what is the solution.

    DVD Shrink have not been updated for years and it's not possible to rip the latest dvd with copy protections, such as Disney movies. I highly recommended to use Video Converter Ultimate for dvd ripping and video conversion. It's 30X faster than the other:

    This fit my needs exactly. I wanted to make hard disc copies to play on my portable DVD player and this does the trick. I had located DVDShrink somewhere else but was still unsure of how to create the disc for play on the DVD player vs the laptop (I can play the ripped VOB files on my laptop via VLC player but these don't play on the DVD player). This process links the ripping of the files (DVDShrink) to the burning on the final disc (DVD Decrypter) for a relatively seamless procedure. Well done silliou! The only addtl help would be, as the author mentions, how to 'reauthor' to avoid copying the trailers and commentaries. You can see how that's done here:

    For me the best and easiest way to burn movies is by using a software called convertxtodvd. I have no problem converting any format or file (mkv,avi,mp4,mpg and more..) Its perfect for my use. I will soon write instruction here but for the mean time you can checkout my profile. Add me up guys.