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Introduction: Rip DVDs to Your IPod

Ever had your favorite movie on DVD, and you want to also have it on your iPod but not pay the $15 dollars on iTunes? This easy to follow guide will give you a single movie file of your favorite DVDs. Best off all, this uses all freeware (no annoying trial versions) and doesn't cost a dime.

Step 1: Get the Right Software

First, you will need to download and install two programs. These are freeware (no annoying trial versions) and will not cost a dime.

Get them here:

-DVD Decrypter

Step 2: Part 1: Rip the DVD

Follow these instructions to copy the DVD's files (minus the security) to you hard drive. Be sure to note the save location, and be sure to have at least 7 GB of free space for the files (yes it's a lot, but it will be deleted soon)

-Insert DVD
-Close DVD player that opens after inserting DVD
-Launch DVD Decrytper
-Open the DVD location, and hit the decrypt button
-Wait for the files to finish copying (This can take up to 45 minutes)
-When the files finish, an annoying sound will play to alert you. You may then close the application.

Step 3: Part 2: Make the Movie File

Now you are ready to make the movie file that will go on your iPod. Now do this:

-Open handbrake, and wait for it to load.
-In the browse box under "source", locate the VIDEO_TS folder within your save location for the DVD and open it. Be sure not to open the DVD itself. In fact, you can eject the DVD
-Where it says "Title" select the file that has the longest time (usually the movie). Leave the chapters alone.
-Now for the settings. In the right hand bar, click on the "Normal" setting.
-Under "output settings" , make sure the encoder is on Mpeg 4.
-For destination, click browse, and save to whatever destination as YOUR MOVIE TITLE.MP4. This should be an option in a pull-down menu
-In the "video" tab, change the Avg Bitrate to 2200.
-Click START, and wait for the conversion to complete

A command prompt style box should open with the information on the conversion. Be sure not to close either box, and have all other applications closed to optimize performance. The movie will take a while to convert depending on your computer.

Step 4: Part 3: ITunes

Start up iTunes, and add the movie file to your library. Be sure to keep a backup of the file so that you will never lose it. Next, right click on the movie in iTunes, and select "get info". Find the volume control, bring it up to +100%. Add any other information that you want, and click save. Finally, add it to your iPod video, and enjoy!

Step 5: The Ethics

Some people may think it is illegal to copy DVD's. This is only true to an extent. Because you own the DVD, and are putting it on your iPod you have paid for the movie and you are fine. However, if you give it or sell it to other people, you are giving them a pirated version. It seems dum, because no one will really know if you are breaking the law, but its just good to know your rights.



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    I downloaded the program and when used it to rip dvd, it says "error: can't rip your protected DVD". It seems DVD Decrypter didn't work on the latest DVD movies. Here is the method I found it works for my iPhone and iPod:

    BTW, you can also use this program to convert or burn videos to dvd

    The DVD will still work properly if i try to play it in a DVD player after i do this rite?

    1 reply

    Yes. Doing this does not change the DVD, it just copies the information from it.

    I'd recommend the Videora converter, it's free and takes almost any format.
    You can also adjust a whole bunch of settings to optimize videos for size and stuff

    After the file has been converted to mp4 format can i delete the VIDEO_TS? Or will that prevent the video from playing?

    @Cucusoft DVD to iPod Converter Suitegets the job done nicely and came highly recommended by other users.
    You can try it for free, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised how well it actually works compared with all the other software out there.
    Hope this helps,

    1 reply

    Thank you! With new DVD security formats and paths, some of the older software that I use can't rip/convert everything.

    This <a rel="nofollow" href="">DVD Ripper</a> is the most powerful one that I have used before. It has great power to rip DVD to video of all formats.<br/><br/>

    If you use Windows, then use DVD43 as a decryptor. It will do it on the fly, eliminating the need to copy the video to your hard drive first.

    to be safer click stream processing and uncheck all but the movie (it says 720 usually the first one) and 6ch or 2ch english. i had to fund out the hard way. 4 hours later it was in spanish...

    Can you do it without software? Mac OS X isn't good on the freeware compatibility front...

    does the installer say what the problem is?

    is it legal to use netflix, borrow DVDs and put it into the ipod?

    2 replies

    It is illegal but many people do it any way

    yes it is as illegal as stealing. well it is stealing.