Step 3: Part 2: Make the movie file

Picture of Part 2: Make the movie file
Now you are ready to make the movie file that will go on your iPod. Now do this:

-Open handbrake, and wait for it to load.
-In the browse box under "source", locate the VIDEO_TS folder within your save location for the DVD and open it. Be sure not to open the DVD itself. In fact, you can eject the DVD
-Where it says "Title" select the file that has the longest time (usually the movie). Leave the chapters alone.
-Now for the settings. In the right hand bar, click on the "Normal" setting.
-Under "output settings" , make sure the encoder is on Mpeg 4.
-For destination, click browse, and save to whatever destination as YOUR MOVIE TITLE.MP4. This should be an option in a pull-down menu
-In the "video" tab, change the Avg Bitrate to 2200.
-Click START, and wait for the conversion to complete

A command prompt style box should open with the information on the conversion. Be sure not to close either box, and have all other applications closed to optimize performance. The movie will take a while to convert depending on your computer.