Step 3: Run the Software

Launch MediaFork (or HandBrake if the beta scared you). The program will automatically recognize your DVD and list it as "Detected volume." Just click the Open button.

The next stage will read through the disk and find the largest title (the movie) for you.
im trying to download for windows and it asks me 32 bit or 64 bit whats the difference and wich one is better
For those who want to rip all episodes or titles into one video files, I think the <a href="http://www.1click-soft.com/dvd-ripper.html" rel="nofollow">dvd free ripper</a> should have the &quot;merge&quot; feature, so you won't be interrupted when watch the movie.
i want to add episode 3 season 3 of LOST to my iPod. i have the episode 1-4 disc. i was confused on which one to choose in the video TS file. these are the ones to choose from that i believe are from episode 3... VTS_03_O.BUP - 52KB VTS_03_01.IFO - 52KB VTS_03_0.VOB - 124.5 MB VTS_03_1.VOB - 1023.9 MB VTS_03_2.VOB - 613.4 MB thank you!
&nbsp;IFO files are the Information document for the video portion. The BUP is a Backup of the information file in case the DVD player has a read error with the IFO file. The VTS files are the actual Video information. None of them will work on the iPod. That is why you need to rip the video into an M4V (MPEG 4 Video) file.
most likely it is VTS_03_1.VOB - 1023.9 MB because it is the most amount of memory i hope it helps :)
BTW i am using a macintosh.
its only illegal if you aren't using it for personal use like selling the copies
i thought it was illegal to bypass the DVD encryption?<br />
This <a rel="nofollow" href="http://topsreviews.com/dvd-ripper/dvd-ripper-aimersoft.html">DVD Ripper</a>is the most powerful one that I have used before. It has great power to rip DVD to video of all formats. <br/><br/>
sweet I'm going to be streaming through my house
If you have windows just use dvd shrink to rip your dvd, and videora to convert. If the dvd is new you have to use ripit4me and dvd decrycter. you can find Tutorials all over the web
after all of my complementing here is a quabble, when i try and load the dvd, it says that i cant find a title file, or that it is copy protected, but it had no copy protection. how do i get it to recognise the files?
While Handbrake handles the RPC encoding without problem through the OS, a newer protection mechanism called RCE (Regional Coding Enhancement) that isn't necessarily as easy to get around. Other protection techniques are also being used such as empty or missing VOB files.<br/><br/>There are other techniques that help get around these issues such as<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.mactheripper.org/">MacTheRipper</a> for the Mac. Some discs are just too difficult to waste much time on...<br/>
i have found a new piece of software. Imtoo ripper pack platinum. it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo easy. three steps 1> select dvd 2>select profile (you can make your own, or chose from the 30 or so presets) 3> press rip. i also have the media version that converts files. here is a screenshot of selecting a profile, see how easy it is
I ran into this problem, but if you read their how to guide, it tells you to select the &#8220;VIDEO_TS&#8221; folder not the actual dvd. When I did this, it worked fine.<br/><br/>the how to guide is <a rel="nofollow" href="http://trac.handbrake.fr/wiki/WindowsGuiGuide">http://trac.handbrake.fr/wiki/WindowsGuiGuide</a><br/>
thats what i did. and if that did work, surely you would use the audio files
as a message to LasVegas, do you think you could change the link in the intro to handbrake.fr as this works perfectly and still works ps it isn't in french
Sounds like an idea! No problem.
i use the standard <a rel="nofollow" href="http://handbrake.fr">Handbrake</a> and it is easier than this, as there are presets and less ways to go wrong, but you can also go as complicated as you want.<br/>
Yes. The new presets make everything easier! This was written before them.
Handbrake can't read the DVD, even when I directed it to VIDEO_TS. I get a message saying "No Title(s) found. Please make sure you have selected a valid, non-copy protected source. Please refer to the FAQ (see Help Menu).
you want to select the option <em>Folder<strong> under the </strong>Browse<strong> button instead of File</strong></em><br/>
Please put the installation program on the instructasble!! My computer wont let to the web site.
try this link:<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://handbrake.fr">handbrake</a><br/>
or just a thougt you could download limewire and get what you want when you want.wow i know five year olds that could write better instructables than this
i've tried getting videos from limewire, and it doesnt work to well for me... any tips?
I'm sorry... I refuse to instruct or condone any process to illegally acquire copyrighted material. This Instructable assumes the user is transferring a movie they own for the purpose of watching it on their video capable player. BTW: I wouldn't give too much merit to weebl's comments. Just look at the quality, or lack thereof, of his Instuctables (all two of them!).
i don't like limewire much either, good to know someone shares my opinion. Anyways... great instructable.
yeah, what a great idea! think of all the awesome viruses i could put on my machine! i'm so excited, i can hardly wait to get started! i've had limewire twice, and both times it TRASHED my computer. not only that, but limewire cuts down on hard-earned profits that musicians like myself deserve.
wow you seel music whitch means that you have enough money for a gutar plug to normal headphone jack AND you have enogh money for a microphone And cd to burn,WOW a recording studio whith a computer and if your very edgy you could even try to make a video whith a webcam wow a whole recording studio for you very high valued musicians explaned in one comment.
what im saying in simple terms so the tiny penut inside your head can figure out is that if you have enough money for a microphone a gutar and a cd.what!!???!??!?!? i have all those and guess what i must be a hihly valued musician!!!!!!!!
dude! stop being a jerk! and yes, i agree, comment below me, LEARN TO SPELL!
maybe if you learn to spell, i can understand what you're trying to say to me.....
Or just a thought, you could reply constructively, Nice Instructable... this works much better than cucusoft and theres no annoying water mark.. Thanks
thanks finally one i can get free and be able to do more like pick chapters for my ac/dc family jewels
he is copying 007 Casino Royale
i wonder what movie you were ripping...
The software cuts off 7 mins of the beginning of every movie?
No. It did this particular movie because of some special copy protection used.
hand break takes FOREVER any ideas for making it faster
DVDs use VOB files which are MPEG2 video interlaced with one or more audio streams of various formats (Dolby, 5.1, 7.1, DTS, etc.). Deinterlacing, expanding and re-compressing this data takes a lot of processing power. You can speed up the process by upgrading to a faster processor and/or more memory (RAM).
Thanks Las Vegas,<br/><br/>One thing I would recommend is first transfer the movie into an ISO file with DVD Shrink available at <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.softpedia.com">softpedia.com</a>softpedia.com, and then use the ISO file to make the MPEG video or any other format. I have gotten better results with this and I've backed up nearly thirty-six videos!<br/>
Oops... Sorry about the "softpedia.comsoftpedia.com"
ok, I transfered a movie onto my i-pod, but it is SOOOOO blotchy and is missing some sound. Please help.:(
And the ones it does encode, the picture is very blotchy, and it only has, like, 18-19 seconds copied

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