Introduction: Rips and Tears - the Basics of Painting Rips

This is how to paint rips and tears on anything.


dondee (author)2008-09-17

man u make everything look easy im just starting wt the airbrush i want 2 learn how 2 do flames but it seems hard 2 do them any tips? great work by the way

bertj (author)dondee2009-04-14

same thing over here!! just started airbrushing, but damn, it's harder then i thought!! nice work do! grtz

srhadaham (author)2008-10-05

This would look sweet down the side of my MiniVan

lolcat360 (author)srhadaham2008-11-18

right lol

IamTheCreator (author)2008-05-18

Watching weeding is just as boring as doing weeding :( lol

Bran (author)2008-04-18

Awesome! I love these videos!

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Bio: I'm an amateur custom painter that loves to share all the cool tricks that i learn along the way.
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