Step 6: Now You're Ready!

Now you're ready to play RMLB! It's a great sport (at least we think so) that follows George Carlin's definition of a sport.

1. It's played with a ball.

2. Not everybody can do it (Running... not a sport)

3. You can use your arms.

4. You don't have to rent shoes.

5. There's a chance for "serious debilitating injury".

Now go out and have fun playing.

Oh, and if you want George Carlin's entire piece... here.
Your rules and parameters are pretty well thought out!!
cool idea! the boy in the picture is wearing flip flops! :P that must be hard!
was only a patter of time b4 some one made a game useing rip sticks but It looks fun
hey thats cool ! congratulations on the prize btw !!
I like this idea, i am too late too vote:( I dont have lacrosse sticks so i used hockey sticks and they worked fine too as long as you hit the ball and it stays on the ground.
Yeah. I'm glad you liked it!
you guys aren't wearing pads.
Yeah, it was more of a demonstration version of the game. When we really get going we wear full pads.

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