Risers in Container Gardening





Introduction: Risers in Container Gardening

The use of risers to enhance food production in container gardening is a real success story in The Philippines.  Jojo ROM, Buklod Tao and others showed that this method belongs to the best practices to combat hunger and malnutrition.  This video should convince people in most of the developing countries and in the refugee camps to follow this beautiful example.  With a remarkable minimum of irrigation water, a maximum of fresh food can be produced.  Congratulations to all my Filippino friends who contribute to the promotion of container gardening.



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    A very interesting video. Tried introducing gardening in various places in the Philippines as well. This method at least gives some protection for the ubiquitous chicken that roam around.
    yet, one needs dedication from the people as well, I have seen various of my projects fail simply because people didn't water the plants.
    The idea to put an A-frame over a pond is interesting. Wonder if it would be suitable to keep fish in it. I have been involved in developing small ponds to rear fish for diet supplementation, but haven't thought about raising plants on top of it.
    I must try this