My third instructable:
How to create a programmable rising and spinning Halloween Skull using fischertechnik elements!

My vision was to create a scene with a skull rising out of a coffin, spin in the air and return to the coffin. The device raising and spinning the skull would be hidden beneath white tissue paper. This is an instructable that focuses just on the controlling mechanism.

I play with different educational manipulatives for a living. (Visit www.weirdrichard.com). Over the years I have built different holiday themed models using all sorts of toys. It is very easy to create awesome Halloween models with fischertechnik elements. This instructable will describe how to create a spooky Halloween Skull using fischertechnik and a programmable brick.

Note: The CAD looking images were generated by LDraw/MLCAD and a fischertechnik elements library.

The link to the instructable DIY Halloween 2007 rules:

Step 1: Gather the Parts

You will need to gather your elements. I purchased an inexpensive plastic skull from Target. Hobby knives are widely available. There are a variety of programmable bricks including fischertechnik, K'NEX, INEX, Super Cricket and the BASIC stamp. I used the PCS Programmable brick. The fischertechnik elements can be found in a range of kits available from a fischertechnik retailer, and the specific elements can be purchased individually from www.fischertechnik.com.

The List:

A cheap plastic skull
Hobby knife
Programmable Brick with batteries

fischertechnik elements:
3 Hub Nut (#31058)
2 Link 15 (#31060)
2 Motor Reducing Gearbox (#31078)
2 Clip Axle with Gear Teeth T28 (#31082)
1 Hub Nut (#31915)
11 Spring Cam (#31982)
3 Building Block 15 with Bore (#32064)
2 Mini Motor 6-9v (#32293)
1 Building Block 15 x 15 (#32850)
2 Bottom Plate 30x90 (#32859)
2 Building Block 30 (#32879)
1 Building Block 15 (#32881)
3 Flat Hub Collet (#35031)
4 Building Block 15x30x5 with Groove and Pin (#35049)
1 Clip Axle 30 (#35063)
1 Axle Coupling (#35073)
1 Clip Axle 75 (#35087)
1 Base Plate 120x60 (#35129)
2 Cog Wheel T 10 m=1.5 Narrow (#35945)
1 Gear Wheel T 30 (#36264)
2 Angle Girder 120 (#36294)
2 Angle Girder 60 (#36297)
2 Rivet 4 (#36323)
1 I-Strut 45 (#36328)
5 Building Block 5 (#37237)
1 Building Block 5 with two Pins (#37238)
8 Building Block 7.5 (#37468)
1 Clip Axle 180 (#37527)
1 Clip 5 (#37679)
1 Locking Worm m=1.5 (#37858)
2 Worm Nut m=1.5 (#37925)
4 Worm m=1.5 (#37926)
1 Angular Block 10x15x15 (#38423)
1 Building Plate 15x30x5 with 3 Grooves (#38428)


wow.. wow... its like frikkin legos.. what can you even use it for
Great instructable! Love the cad drawings!

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