Rita Ora Inspired Makeup Look





Introduction: Rita Ora Inspired Makeup Look

1. First you are going to want to prime your face.

2. Then use your favorite foundation. 3.Then apply concealer to your under eye nose, chin and forehead and blend this out with a beauty blender 4.You are going to then want to carve out your face using a bronzer/contour palette. 5.Then I filled in my brows using the collection brow kit and applied a white eye shadow to my brow bone. 6. I then applied a beige colour to the crease of my lid. 7. I then applied a green to the lid and blended this out into the crease. 8. I then applied mascara and black eyeliner to the waterline. 9. Finally I used a red lipstick and outlined it with a darker plum red and blended this together.

Step 1:



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hey rita ora i love you make up and i love you so much! see you soon. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx