Picture of  River Lure Fishing for Pike
This Instructable will give you tips and hints on how to catch pike in rivers.
All methods have been tested and work.

Please tell me how they work for you, any problems you have or other questions about it.
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Step 1: THE GEAR

Picture of THE GEAR
The gear you use doesn't have to be expensive all you need is:

THE ROD:any rod over 8foot that is fairly strong is okay

THE REEL:the reel isn't that important as long as it has a tension meter and a rear drag system.

THE LINE AND LURE:I would recommend 20 pound line along with a trace but you could use lighter line with a trace. I think the best lure for pike is a silver or bronze spoon or similar spinner.

TOOLS:A long nose pliers is good for getting out hooks and there's a tool that will hold the pikes mouth open so you can get the hook out.

Step 2: Where to Fish

Picture of Where to Fish
WHen fishing in a river you have to be quiet and not too close to the edge or you will spook the fish.

Pike like to hang around weed beds where they can hide and then shoot out unexpectedly. You should cast your spinner as near as you can to the weed bed but try not to put it into it.

I find in rivers that pike like to stay in the bends I don't know why but they do.
lilchumy6 months ago
Nice, please check out my guide on bass fishing.
Thanks for the tips on pike gear. I am casting from shore with a 10' trolling rod, and wan't sure it that was too long. It is rated 15-25 lb. test, so I think it will be strong enough. I'm using 20 lb test without a leader.
I just moved to Maine and they say there is pike in the Androscoggin River, but I haven't caught any yet. I am mostly using spoons like Hopkins, Fiord Spoon, Kastmaster and Swedish Pimple. Also, jointed Mirro-Lure and white 1/2 oz bucktail. I have been fishing in afternoon, but I think I need to go early morning or evening.
benjacko783 years ago
hi there, yes very intresting ive started piking this winter for the first time i normaly do carping straight through the year but after last winter witch was realy hard for carp fishing i thort i try piking and its been ok what u have said in is very true and has been very usefull for me so thank you
jklosowski3 years ago
The best pike lure is the 5 of diamonds..... in northern MN i has yet to NOT land a fish. thinking aboot trying a bucktail but rule of thumb. whatever bass like pike will hit .
nice instructable.and I do all my fishing a break neck creek it is called break neck creek for good reason it is hard to get to to fish you need rope just to get in to the woods
I find small tributaries and still pockets work best.
spenfisher5 years ago
my lure preference is a 4 inch white curly tail grub and it can help to draw a dot near your hook with a sharpy
spenfisher5 years ago
I recently cout a pike 32 inces long with 8 pound test with no wire leader while bass fishing
Paul5675 years ago
My lure of preference is a jointed Rapala (

I find that giving the Rapala a sharp jerk from time to time makes the lure appear to be a small wounded fish.
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chewie (author)  DELETED_ironchopstix6 years ago
Thx, i dont really eat pike much i usually return them. It's also easier to catch them at winter time too.
meddler6 years ago
my wife's grandmother has a recipe for pickled pike that is tasty.
ll.136 years ago
Pike are awesome!!! =)
-except the ones we caught didn't taste of much...
Agreed, pike are awesome, but hardly worth the trouble to eat.