River Radio- Floating Stereo that ROCKS!

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Picture of River Radio- Floating Stereo that ROCKS!

A few years back a friend wanted me to build a floating stereo for his yearly lazy river trip. We didn't have the funds at the time but since I opened up a stereo installation shop I've gotten access to tons of cheap and second hand parts. This year I got invited to go on a lazy river down the Wisconsin river so I knew it was the right time to build a prototype.

The ice chest/cooler boom box has been done 1000 times so I knew I had to think of something different, and I didn't want to completely butcher a working cooler. My original sketches were to made a floating unit that looked like an ocean buoy but that had speakers built into it. My second sketch was to make a tall pyramid of the iconic yellow "Slippery When Wet" sign. However after some thought I decided that I should try to make this particular radio have as low a center of gravity as possible. Many other ideas including cup holders, waterproof storage etc were thrown out in lieu of cost effectiveness and time to build. Bottom line we've got a dedicated stereo with a simple design.

As per usual, I forgot to take as many pictures as I would have liked during the build process, please feel free to ask any questions.

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高明宇6 days ago


How do you access the battery to charge it?
hamsammy (author)  aanderson319 days ago

The top comes off with 4 screws. I just hit them with my cordless drill and I have access to all the electronics.

jsharp225 days ago

No action shots?

hamsammy (author)  jsharp222 days ago

Didn't build waterproof storage into this guy, so I didn't take my phone with on the river. I'll work on it though.

miksim3528 days ago
That's awesome
You should put a solar panel on top so you never worry about the battery going dead when out on the water!
hamsammy (author)  Hutch Fix It29 days ago

That's a great idea! I didn't even think about doing that. I may underestimate the power generated by new solar panels and write it off.

boatingman29 days ago
This rocks. Great job on both your project and your instructable. I'm on the water a lot and I love what you've done here.

Haven't done any river tubing for a looooong time. This makes me want to get out on the water really bad. Nice work.