Introduction: River Tube Connector

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Step 1: The Things You Will Need

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nylon rope, duct tape, zip tie, pool noodle, scissors, clips and tubing.

Step 2:

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Tie simple slipknot and one end of the rope.

Step 3:

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Run the untied end through the noodle and tie the slipknot and that side as well.

Step 4:

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Place the clips through the slipknots pulling them tight.

Step 5:

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Place the tube on the clip. you may need to trim. this will ensure that to the clip does not come undone while on the river.

Step 6:

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Take a small piece of duct tape and wrap it around the end of the slipknot.

Step 7:

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Tighten the zip tie around the pool noodle to make the hole is smaller so the clips do not slip through while on the river

Step 8: The End Result

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Have fun


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