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Introducing Ro-Domo-kun, the latest addition to this unexplainable phenomenon of all things Domo.

This Ro-Domo-kun was created to carry on the long lost craft of the Domo kingdom whereas the last Great Giant Domo-kun was trapped and turned into a backpack for humanoid use as a cruel twist of fate by the mysterious Doctor What. In order for it to replicate, you must Domo It Yourself.

Step 1: Bare Essentials

Picture of Bare Essentials

This was created using sewing machine, a serger, some hand sewing and a hot glue gun. If you do not have the high-tech industrial equipment, getting by with a needle, thread, and basic sewing skillz will work. You need the ability to cut a straight line and permission to use sharp instruments like a pair of scissors. If you don't have a hot glue gun, regular school glue will work.

CAUTION: Hot glue is hot. Make sure you know how to use your hot glue gun safely and avoid burning yourself if you come in contact with the glue/ glue gun when it is hot. Scream like the Dickens, not like Dickens unless you are British, and apply first aid to the burn.

You will need various ~~pelts~~ swatches of fabric to make your Ro-Domo-kun. They can be any color or texture that you want. I used colors that closely match the Instructables Robot.

You will need bits of different colored scraps of felt to make the trim pieces.

For the core of the Ro-Domo-kun you will need a sponge, preferably clean and new or any foam shape. Additional fiberfill or scrap material will be used as the fill for the plushie figure.

You will lastly need a bit of stiff wire to form the arms and the legs. The bendable wire will give it its poseability.

Step 2: Bend and Twist

Picture of Bend and Twist

I used a spare new sponge from the kitchen supplies. It doesn't have to be truly square in shape.

Lay out the sponge and cut two pieces of stiff wire to form the parts for the arms and legs.

Take one wire and punch it through the sponge midway to form the arms. Bend the ends in a loop so they do not have a sharp pointy end.

Take the other wire and form into a U shape. Punch that through the bottom back of the sponge so it will exit as legs for the Ro-Domo-kun. Bend the ends in a loop so they do not have a sharp pointy end.

You should now have something resembling Spongebob Squarepants, not.

Step 3: Barebones Construction

Picture of Barebones Construction

Cut out a piece of fabric doubled over that will be a bit larger than the size of the sponge core with arms and legs.

Trace around the entire shape adding about a 1/4 of an inch seam allowance.

Sketch out the details of the Ro-Domo-kun for placement.

Step 4: Big Mouth

Picture of Big Mouth

Cut out the mouth backing piece and the teeth from scraps of red and white felt.

For the mouth opening, cut out the inside of the shape of the mouth leaving about 1/4 inch seam allowance to attach the backing fabric.

Fold the edge of one side of the mouth and attach to the teeth/mouth backing. You will have to realize you are doing all of this inside out on the back so it will appear as a nice finished seam when the body piece is turned inside out.

It may be helpful to run a seam to attach the bottom row of teeth to the red backing fabric first and then attaching to the yellow body piece when everything is lined up.

Step 5: Rough Out the Shape, Hem and Haw

Picture of Rough Out the Shape, Hem and Haw

I used a serger for the major parts of the seams to join the front and back of the body piece together. Because the serger cuts as it goes along, there were some parts I couldn't do without cutting into places I still wanted attached.

Finish along the outside of the arms with a regular sewing machine.

Leave the bottom and inside pants seam open.

Trim the bottom and any excess from the arms.

Cut down the middle to separate the leg portions. Be careful you don't cut too deep.

Step 6: New Shooz

Picture of New Shooz

Cut out two small circular pieces for the foot pads.

Sew them to the bottom of the legs. Any excess will be gathered in when the legs are sewn up.

You are now ready to turn everything inside out. The arms are the toughest to push through so it may help to use a pencil or chopstick to push the fabric out.

Step 7: Stuff It

Picture of Stuff It

It is now time to insert the sponge core into the fabric body piece.

Bend the arms upward and guide it into the arm pockets. You may need to pinch the sponge in half to push it forward.

Take some spare fabric scraps or some fiberfill to wrap around the leg wires. This is the stuffing for the legs. Pad any upper parts of the body that may need it.

Handstitch the rest of the open seam to close up the Ro-Domo-kun.

Step 8: Details, Details

Picture of Details, Details

Cut out pieces for the eyes, ear muffs, and buttons.

Attach with hot glue or regular glue.

Take a magic marker to draw in the rest of the stripes on the sleeves and leggings. Draw the fax slot.

And there you have it, a Ro-Domo-kun, Instructables Robot Domo-kun. Konnichiwa!

Step 9: Domo-world

Picture of Domo-world

So what happens when the Domo-kuns are at work...or play?

Here are candid snapshots of exotic Domo found habitating the San Francisco bay area.

Ran-Domo-kun: seems to prefer its apple pies containing apples with the peel on. Definitely throws a curve ball at what we seem to understand about Domo-Kun eating habits although it is a social animal with unique work behavior.

Er-Domo-kun: seems to be the leader of the pack, or whatever you call a group of Domo-kuns.

Still at in the wild are:

Rach-Domo-chan: seems to be attracted to bright colors and patterns. May shave head for no apparent reason but still be radiant.

E-Domo-kun: may be hidden away in the boiler room at contest central fielding questions on the fine print of obscure contest rules. Habituates the darkness because he is Fungus Amungus.

No-Ah-Domo-kun: The kissing bandit that gets no respect. The lonesome lothario can't even get a date on the internet if he threw himself out there.

Cani-Domo-chan: Well, you don't mess with the boss.

Please comment if you have something to add in order to explain the origins or strange behavior of these rare variants of Domo here.


Dusk Shadows (author)2012-06-12


xxemofriendxx (author)2009-06-03


T3h_Muffinator (author)2009-05-19

AWESOME!!!!!!!! robo-domo go NOMNOMNOM!

forsakendoll13 (author)2009-05-07

kawaii! Domo arigatou! hehehe

I had to catch up on all the Domo episodes on youtube...

Mr. Brownie (author)caitlinsdad2009-05-16

I can't find any with English subtitles, and I'm trying to learn Japanese!!

caitlinsdad (author)Mr. Brownie2009-05-17

Just search in youtube with "domo English" or " domo sub". Find one then go to the related episodes. They are short though.

Spl1nt3rC3ll (author)2009-04-23

Haha! Nice! Love the Domo iBles crew.

n8man (author)2009-04-23

That is pretty awesome. 5*'s

tarzioo (author)2009-04-22

AAHHH!! I LOVE domo and this is fantastic! I made a giant domo out of fleece last year. I think I have a picture in my profile somewhere...?

caitlinsdad (author)tarzioo2009-04-23

Domo, meet Nacho-Domo!

NachoMahma (author)caitlinsdad2009-04-23

. I have a new avatar. :)

caitlinsdad (author)NachoMahma2009-04-23

I dunno, can we take you more seriously now?

tarzioo (author)caitlinsdad2009-04-23

AWESOME!! my dog looks especially freaked out lol

caitlinsdad (author)tarzioo2009-04-23

Most do freak out if they see Nacho but he is a kind and wise old soul.

caitlinsdad (author)tarzioo2009-04-23

Domo arigato. You should make a few more Domos. They have so much personality and are fun to make.

-henry- (author)2009-04-22

Nice Instructable! I have become kind of obsessed with Domo lately.

caitlinsdad (author)-henry-2009-04-22

I see, Domo arigato.

canida (author)2009-04-21


ewilhelm (author)2009-04-21

The second picture of step 9 is pretty much accurate.

caitlinsdad (author)ewilhelm2009-04-21

Revenge is sweet. Haha.

lemonie (author)2009-04-21

I have some idea that these are actually angry Domo-Kun as in "Angry Domo-Kun's smash-fest" (or whatever it was called) or was that just the same being angry?


caitlinsdad (author)lemonie2009-04-21

Domo just looks menancing. They are a gentle being just trying to understand the complex world around them.

lemonie (author)caitlinsdad2009-04-21

Thanks. I guess that's why someone made the angry smash-fest game. But I think that's done a lot for Domo's popularity?


gmjhowe (author)2009-04-21

Haha! I love it, its a really cool mash up. The final pictures at the end are the win. Second one almost looks like he is in the office!

caitlinsdad (author)gmjhowe2009-04-21

Check back often for paparazzi pictures when they come in.

Doctor What (author)2009-04-21

How dare you! Do you know what you've done? You can't kill robots! WE'RE DONE FOR! *hides in closet* BTW, nice project! I love it!

caitlinsdad (author)Doctor What2009-04-21

Yeah, yeah, so you've had this vision of Domo-Kun playing hackysak football with your avatar? Tell me more...

aarone (author)2009-04-21

Is this a play on the old Ro-Beasts from Voltron? This is awesome.

caitlinsdad (author)aarone2009-04-21 for the original Domo. Many things come from Japan. This version instructablizes Dom-Kun.

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