Picture of RoBot Gets E-textiled. Worlds First Ever Interactive Bot on Fabric
MaKe a fabric RoBot circuit, to jazz up a boring old t-shirt.
This I'ble will show you how to Craft, an out of date t-shirt and revive it into a spectacular interactive work, surely to amaze all that gaze upon its electronic wonder.

E-textiles seem to be the new "in" thing, when it comes to modding garments in this day and age.

Continue and I shall show you how to create your own work of electrical delight, sprinkled with some fabrictry wonder.

Amaze and amuse your friends as they wonder as to the workings, of your magically lit device.

Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
What you will need-

~ One tragrically out of date bright yellow T-shirt.

~ Conductive thread (Free Conductive Thread).

~ Conductive wire.

~ Needle.

~ Thread- Various colors.

~ LeD's.

~ 9V Battery/Terminal.

~ Soldiering iron/Solder.

~ Fabric.

~ Multi-meter

~ Scissors

Now that you have acquired/borrowed/stolen (No don't steal them, just borrow them, until you can replace them.) these items, move onto the design.
lloydrmc3 years ago
I would LOVE to wear that shirt!!!
Sooooooooo lol, if you're not wearing it... I would be happy to wear it for you. pl- eeeeeeeeease ;0)
Lftndbt (author)  porcupinemamma5 years ago
LoL thanks!! It's stil hanging in my cupboard... ;)
Goodhart6 years ago
Very nice, but did you know you made his dials (or are they knobs) glow?
Lftndbt (author)  Goodhart6 years ago
I wasn't sure where else, I could place the LeD's.
Other then eyes and possibly end of the antennae, I am not sure either....sorry, I shouldn't criticize if I have no solution myself.
Lftndbt (author)  Goodhart6 years ago
Oh... You were criticizing? I wanted to keep his antenae as the + - input. So his knobs for the LeD's seemed best.
No problem really, some knobs, and switchers do light up :-)
Lftndbt (author)  Goodhart6 years ago
Te he he, that was the plan. ;)
kelseymh6 years ago
Congratulations! This may not have gotten an I'bles Feature, but you're on MAKE's home page for today (20 Nov).
Lftndbt (author)  kelseymh6 years ago
Te he he!! Amazing what adding your I'ble to their group does... I think it is automatic.
Lftndbt (author) 6 years ago
I really do believe I lost a few brain cells, from the hours spent sewing. Well worth it though. When I can't remember if the battery has any power left (due to brain cell loss), I can just check it with the shirt.
gmjhowe6 years ago
Great work! i love it!
Lftndbt (author)  gmjhowe6 years ago
So do I!!
LinuxH4x0r6 years ago
Very nice!
Lftndbt (author)  LinuxH4x0r6 years ago
KentsOkay6 years ago
Pimpin' nerdy!
Lftndbt (author)  KentsOkay6 years ago
Oh yeah!!
rivetgeek6 years ago
Neat idea though coin cell batteries might work better than a bulky nine volt.
Lftndbt (author)  rivetgeek6 years ago
Yes it would.