Step 4: Foldin'

To fold the bowl, lay it face down on an edge, like a step, with the line of holes on the edge.  Lay down a towel to protect the surface of the sign.  Stand on the sign.  Hit the metal with a mallet until it bends nearly 90 degrees.  Repeat for the other long side.

Put the corner tabs on something like a fencepost and beat them to about 45 degrees.  Do the same for the short sides.  Everything should come together in a general bowl-like shape.  The corner bolt holes should more or less overlap.

A suggestion for a future model I might make, is to reverse the carriage bolts for the legs, and instead have the head of the carriage bolt inside the bowl, then use a regular hex nut to hold it in place and the put a cap nut on the bottom of the carriage bolt for a foot instead of using the head of the carriage bolt. You'll end up with less stuff poking into the bowl and it'll look a little more polished.
problem is, carriage bolts aren't threaded all the way to the head (at least the ones i got), and the shaft turns square under the head -- this allows you to sink a carriage bolt in wood and prevent the head from spinning as you tighten it, but prevents you from tightening the nut all the way in this application.
you might try Acorn nuts on the end so at least no threads are showing on the inside and no rough edges
I wonder if you could use license plates??
funny you should mention that, I make those too: http://www.etsy.com/listing/52677049/vintage-license-plate-bowl-alabama
This is great. I understand that the holes are an integral part of the design but if I didn't want them could I use a graver tool to take away excess metal from the side that will be bent? Or is there another way to bend the heavy aluminum in a straight line without the holes (I have a fear of the drill bit grabbing)? I recently "found" a stop sign in the garbage at my local city parking department. When I went by again when they were open and asked for more they said "no, never, we recycle them" ha! Not true but they wouldn't budge.
Awesome, I want one!
Nice work! But then I like most of your I'bles.

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