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A custom roadrunner amigurumi I made for a friend.  I made it as I went and did not write up instructions. 

It's fairly complex with different parts to sew together.  The Head and neck, body, beak, tail, wings, and feet were all separate pieces.  The crest was latch hooked on and snipped to make the right shape.  I'm most proud of the tiny little feet!


Penolopy Bulnick (author)2012-04-04

Adorable! Those wings are pretty crazy, how did you do that?

They're pretty easy, actually. It's a circle, then I added a straight section. The black speckles were sewn on later and then the wing sewn onto the body. All the loose ends were hidden in the body.

ChrysN (author)2012-03-20

Cute! I like how you did the crest.

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