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I am going to play a RPG game (using the Dread rules set) and some of us are dressing up. From what I saw women either wore hats or headbands; I decided to go with the later. This short instructable covers a few tips and tricks that I used to put mine together.

This is a REALLY simple project that only took a few minutes and I really like how it came out. The hardest part will be finding the centerpiece (or do-dat) that goes in the middle :).

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

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What materials I used:

  • Headband or Elastic Trim (I found a really nice Simplicity pre-made headband, but it was broken - I will show how I fixed it :) ).
  • Feathers for flair
  • Flower to go over the feathers
  • Do-Dat for the center of the flower (I was able to find one that matched our 1920's meets Cthulhu - BONUS)
  • E6000 Industrial Glue (found in craft and hobby shops)
  • Gloves
  • Small Pliers (not pictured here)

Step 2: Fix the Broken Headband

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I really liked this design, but it was the only one and it was broken. I decided I could fix it. I simply:

  • Took a couple of pairs of pliers and pried the clasp back open.
  • looked at how the other side was put together
  • Refolded the broken side like it should of been
  • Added a dab of E6000 for good measure
  • Put the fabric back in the clasp
  • Pinched it back shut.

Done :).

Step 3: Prepare Your Do-Dat

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The centerpiece I found for my headband was already on a necklace. Since I didn't want any extra chain I had to remove my friendly octopus from his chains.

Most jewelry have "Jump Rings" to connect one piece to another. These Jump Rings are simply small pieces of wire bent into a circle and not sealed in any way.

If you don't care about saving the jump ring you can simply cut it, but I wanted to save the chain and matching jump rings for a future project.

To properly open a Jump Ring you need two small pairs of pliers. Put one set on either side of the split and turn them away from each other. You should feel like you're twisting the ring - and not opening it like a Pac-man.

Opening a Jump Ring like a Pac-man will make it almost impossible to re-close that ring. Pac-man openings will distort the shape. Twisting them open and close will offer a better chance of a nice smooth re-closure.

Step 4: Finish Up the Headband

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Now that I have all the pieces it's simply a matter of putting them together. Below is the steps I used to put it all together:

  • I laid out some parchment paper to protect my surfaces - This glue is sticky stuff
  • I put on gloves to protect my hands
  • I asked my husband to turn on a fan - This glue is pretty smelly stuff and it's not good to breath in... Make sure your area has some ventilation
  • I glued the center piece to the flower - pressing down hard for a couple of minutes to ensure good contact
  • I changed my gloves because trying to deal with these small feathers while my fingers were sticky didn't sound like a fun thing to do.
  • I glued the feather to the headband - pressing down hard for a couple of minutes to ensure good contact
  • I glued the flower (with center piece) to the headband (with feather) - pressing down hard for a couple of minutes to ensure good contact
  • Once I had all the pieces together I placed a heavy-ish object on top to help make sure everything bonded correctly.

Step 5: Wear Your Headband With Pride

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It's Done and it looks the bees knees! :).


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