Step 3: Let Roast Rest

When you're a few degrees shy of your target, pull the roast out of the oven and let it rest on a plate. The interior will continue to cook for a while, and the juices will redistribute. Leave it alone while you deal with the onions.
excellent instructable, i got some venison roast the other day, i think ill give this a try tonight, thanks!
It does look good. However one point of caution. You shouldn't pour your alcohol directly from the bottle. You can easily have a spill or a alcohol vapor pop that can cause a fire. Always make it a point to pour your "Rebel Yell" into a glass and then mix it in. Be sure to turn the burner off as well. This is especially important with gas stoves. Then you can get back to business deglazing the pan and turn on the stove.
Generally good advice. I don't worry too much now that I'm stuck using an electric stove, but when I had a gas stove would generally shift the pot to an empty burner for the pour.
I keep seeing bison meat at the grocery store, and I've always been curious as to how it tasted. It's pretty expensive to buy it there though, and comes in very small packages. I'm told it's much leaner than beef.
It's much leaner, and the flavor is stronger - somewhere between grass-fed beef and venison. This is also the sort of thing worth trying if you find it at a decent price, but if the mark-up is steep just go find yourself some good-quality lean grass-fed beef, or make friends with a deer hunter.
wow... if only the meat in America didn't suck, I'd make this.
While the feedlot-raised beef is horrible, the bison is pretty good. If you can find grass-fed beef, bison, or get a venison roast from someone who hunts life is much better. (I just had venison tonight.)
I had an orgasm looking at this.
I identify with your comment!!

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