Roast Lemon & Beer Chicken





Introduction: Roast Lemon & Beer Chicken

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Exactly as the name describes, it's a chicken that gets roasted with beer and lemon pieces,
with a warped twist.
We made it at work the other, just because we could.

Step 1: Whats Needed

Whats Needed:

2 Chickens
1 340ml Beer (South African Breweries Black Label is my choice)
2 empty 410g tins
2 lemons
1 sharp knife
1 oven
1 roasting pan

Step 2: Basic Prep

Have a swig of beer, divide the remainder between the two tins.

Cut lemons, halves if they small, thirds if they large.

Insert a finger under the skin by the neck, loosening a pocket over the breast.

Stick lemons pieces in said pockets, arranging them artfully to make your chickens buxom.

Lift chickens so the neck is facing upright and force the other side over the can so it stands

Salt and pepper them.

Step 3: Cook Your Fowl

Place them on roasting pan, and then into the oven.
A rough guideline is 160C for about forty minutes. You can always let it go longer if the juicesare still a bit pink.

Allow to rest in the oven for ten minutes, while your make a gravy with the pan juices and beer in the tins.

Carve and enjoy.



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    if you sqint and turn your head then this image looks kind of...well pornographic

    someone is making money from this idea....