Roasted Hot Pepper Sauce (original recipe)

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I used to go through a lot of Encona, a bottle a week or more.
Having a local supply of chiilies I started making my own, but it never tasted like Encona - just better.
Original experiment here:
This Instructable shows how to make an original recipe hot pepper sauce.
Ideal with chicken, meat, fish, or to add a touch of tropical spice to any meal.

Step 1: Ingerdients

The masses are what I used, they should be taken as rough guides.

Scotch Bonnet chilies - 225g
Brown sugar - 50g
Salt - 50 g
Garlic - 20g
Mustard flour - 10 g
Turmeric - 1/2 teaspoon
Cumin - 1/2 teaspoon
Cornflour - 2 desert spoons
Vinegar - 500ml

You can substitue or omit anything but the chillies. If you don't use these chillies it will not taste the same.
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timwade1 made it!1 month ago
It put a rugby player in hospital. Thought he would eat a jar full
Best sauce out there
cathy.kidd.56 made it!10 months ago

Now that I'm trying to get it into various sized/shaped bottles, I realize it's a wee bit thick. Reckon I need to cut back on the corn starch next time. But VERY tasty!!

My hotsauce!.jpg
cathy.kidd.5610 months ago

I've just done it and am so happy with the results!! I used 1/2 pound of red & yellow habaneros (which I thought was the same as a scotch bonnet?). SO GOOD!! I think next time I will use more garlic but otherwise this is FABULOUS.

sunshiine2 years ago
I love hot peppers! Your bottles look so classy! I will share this with my son, he loves peppers also! Thanks for sharing your hard work! Hope your day shines!
lemonie (author)  sunshiine2 years ago
It's an old one, but I still use it.
Thanks, have a bright-Friday!

General Zod2 years ago
I have done a variation on this recipe in the past. When I boiled the peppers (without roasting them first) my kitchen smelled like somebody sprayed mace in there. It will definitely clear you out....sinus-wise.

I make this for my friends on occasion, but it is way too hot for me.

Awesome 'ible!!!
evankoka123 years ago
Just tried this. Except twisted it a little bit.

Couldn't find much in the kitchen but here's the recipe.

Chilli peppers (Home grown
Garlic cloves.
Hot English mustard.

Roasted the chilli peppers in the oven along with the garlic and ginger then smacked it on the stove followed by the rest of the ingredients.

Then blended until smooth, let it cool down then into a bottle.

Simple, effective, and very hot!! Just the way I like it!! :D
lemonie (author)  evankoka123 years ago
Yes, I like the idea of ginger, but have not done it yet.
It's easy isn't it?

Cool! Gotta try this one. But wee bit confused on the 2 dessert spoons of corn flour. How much is a dessert soon?
lemonie (author)  barefootbohemian3 years ago
-It's in between a teaspoon and a tablespoon, i.e. a spoon with which you would eat dessert with.
But use your judgement and adjust to suit.

Ah gee, thought you would let me know in grams but thats ok, I'm betting I can figure it out. To me the size of a dessert spoon might vary according to the dessert ;)
lemonie (author)  barefootbohemian3 years ago
If you do it right you lokk at the cold stuff, say "it needs a bit of thickening", add a bit of cornflour, boil it, cool it, look again, repeat if you think it needs it. The measure I quote is what I leaned then.

Gotcha. Thanks. I'm a bit thick in the brain today- sorry
bhumphreys4 years ago
Those bottles are cool. Where did you get em
lemonie (author)  bhumphreys4 years ago

Used sauce bottles; I removed the labels and thoroughly cleaned them.
You can read "ENCONA" on the side.

Please tell me how long can it be with out refrigeration and what do you now about Garlic and mold that can cause some type of illness in Pepper Sauce. Info Greatly Appreciated.
lemonie (author)  mcambronero ho4 years ago
I find that the salt, sugar & vinegar content will preserve it for months out of the 'fridge.
Garlic and mold that can cause some type of illness in Pepper Sauce I do not know about.

Thank You for the Answer.
Try Using Arrowroot instead of Cornflour.You will be surprise!
l8nite5 years ago
I must have missed the link when you commented on my, http://www.instructables.com/id/keeping-warm-with-spiced-up-coffeecocoa/  , post

 This recipe sounds really delicious, I'll have to try it when my habaneros ripen !

Did you see my pepper relish post ?

Been making my own sauce for about 20 years now using habanero peppers( I like the flavor) with onions for sweetness, carrots to mellow the heat and add body to the sauce, and lime juice to cut some of the vinegar acidity with garlic to add a little character. The sauce is assembled raw, then cooked to desired consitency. The garlic and onions can be oven roasted first to add more sweetness while avoiding sugar. Also, I have found a little salt does wonders to bring out all the flavors. Need to get off my butt and make instructable. Thanx for the great instructable and the inspiration.
lemonie (author)  l8nite5 years ago
No I missed your relish, so thanks for pointing me - I can taste those flavours already...

kriemer7 years ago
A bunch of years ago my ex-brother-in-law had an assignment with the United Nations in Mozambique, Africa. He brought back a local hot sauce concoction called Piri-Piri (I figure it means Hot-Hot). This stuff was lethal. Family legend now has it that only only had to wave the bottle over the food to add too much of the spice effect. Any one have any experience with this stuff? k
I did a little research into the Piri-piri and it seems to be a similar recipe, but the African bird's eye pepper is used instead of the scotch bonnet. The ABE pepper falls on the same level as the SB pepper on the scoville scale.

think as each pepper has it's own unique taste the recipe will taste unique to each type of pepper used. I finally found some scotch bonnets the market called thai peppers (So much for phoning ahead - glad I went down to look for myself), and some Jamacan Hots. Will give them both a try, and maybe a mixture (half and half).
Dubbsy5 years ago
I made this last night but used habanero, jalapeno, and serrano peppers because it is what I had growing.  I left all the seeds.  It has an amazing flavor and the hotness sort of ramps up.  It's great.  I can't wait to use it for lunch.
lemonie (author)  Dubbsy5 years ago
That sounds like a good blend, I like these things hot.

Dubbsy lemonie5 years ago
I found bottles for 3 for a dollar at a local store.  I bought a bunch and picked up a lot more peppers.  1/2lb of habanero, 1/4lb of jalapenos, and a 1/2lb of serranos.  I'm going to make a new batch and add some other items.  Thanks for starter recipe!  It's great.

My fiance started freaking out when she tasted the last batch because of how hot it is.  After she calmed down she said it did have good taste until it burnt her mouth.  haha!
lemonie (author)  Dubbsy5 years ago
Oh good job there! I don't like hot-sauce that runs out too quickly, if it's supposed to be hot then hot it should be.

headphoned6 years ago
Hi! My girlfriend and I both love encona way too much for our wallets. I don't know why, but no other hot sauces I've tried have the same mouth watering deliciousness combined with knock-your-socks-off-awesomeness. I always keep the bottles, hoping they'll come in handy, but end up recycling them. Anyway, how does your recipe stack up to Encona? I'm not looking for anything identical, but I'd like to find something at least similar -- all the better if I can make it at home! Anyway, looks great and very eager to try this out! Hopefully I'll be able to find Scotch Bonnets. Even Habaneros seem to be rare in the Scottish climes.
I just reread the instructable and saw where you said it doesn't taste like Encona. Still, I can't wait to try it out.
lemonie (author)  headphoned6 years ago
It has the same flavours in it, but I don't try to match it to Encona. If you play with the recipe you can get it closer. Probably not cumin, probably white sugar, maybe not as much mustard, peppers not browned/blackened etc. L
I tried this and it came out great! I made a few changes out of avalability:

  • I used Habanero instead of Scotch Bonnets, so it lacks that distinct Scotch Bonnety-ness, but I like habaneros, too.
  • I used white instead of malt vinegar.
  • I couldn't find my mustard flour so I threw in some mustard seeds (something I do with basically everything I cook anyway, it adds a certain je ne se quoi)
  • I threw in about 30g of thai hot peppers from my garden that I had on hand to use up.
Altogether, fairly slight changes, and it still made a seriously rocking hot sauce.

To get nearly 3/4 of a litre of hot sauce with the investment of ~$2.50 (and some time) seriously rocks.
lemonie (author)  headphoned6 years ago
Oh good! Goes to show that chilli sauce doesn't have to be hard or expensive. Glad it rocks. L
bowmaster6 years ago
Can you still taste this when one drop is mixed in a gallon of water and drunken?
lemonie (author)  bowmaster6 years ago
I haven't tried that. L
GEEK16 years ago
does it taste like Tabasco sauce
lemonie (author)  GEEK16 years ago
No. Different type of peppers (Scotch Bonnet chilies have quite a flavour of their own), and it's hotter too if you don't exclude the seeds. L
GEEK1 lemonie6 years ago
strmrnnr6 years ago
I know that if you roast normal red pepers till they are completely covered in black and then remove all the black, will taste much better for salads. I will have to try that for this. The garlis done as a whole roeasted head is good also. Cut the stem end off and pour a bit of Olive oil in so it soaks inbetween the cloves then put in the oven with the peppers. Exquisite! Just squeeze the head and the individual cloves pop out all caramelized. Yummm.
lemonie (author)  strmrnnr6 years ago
Normal red peppers are bigger and thicker, and they don't contain hot-juice - that's why I don't try peeling them, although I would like to. The garlic-roasting does vary, but cloves are a new idea to me - thanks. L
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