Picture of Roasted Tomato Soup
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Roasted Tomato Soup

Lots of large ripe red tomatoes
3 cooking onions
few cloves of garlic
tablespoon of tomato puree
4 chicken stock cubes
good olive oil
1 lge blob butter
fresh black pepper

• Wash and destalk the tomatoes cut into halves
• Peel garlic
• Finely slice the onions and put into large pan with tight fitting lid
• Boil half litre water and add to stock cubes

• Put tomatoes with garlic in oven tin sclutch with olive oil and many rasps of pepper
• Oven on 150c for about 90 mins.
• Sauté onions with butter and shot of oil to keep butter from burning
• Cook onions over really low light, with lid on. Don’t remove lid
• If you turn all off and continue next day its even better.
• Pick out any burnt tomato bits
• Fish out garlic cloves and discard
• Then add the tomato mix to the onions and simmer.
• Stir in the stock and puree after a bit
• cook thoroughly together for 15 mins to blend the flavours
• remove from heat and completely blitz with stick blender
• with a ladle push mix through a medium sieve to remove pips and skin
• serve with some parmesan and croutons