Step 6: Storing Roasted Garlic

Picture of Storing Roasted Garlic
To store your roasted garlic, you can:
1. Leave it in the bulb instead of squeezing the cloves out. Just wrap it in foil and it will keep for a few days in the fridge without drying out
2. Squeeze the cloves out and put them in a small jar with enough olive oil to cover them, they'll keep longer this way than wrapped in foil
3. Smash the cloves using the side of a knife and mix with a pinch of salt to make an even paste. Combine this with some softened butter and some fresh or dried herbs (basil and oregano or tarragon would be nice, also lemon juice and/or zest). This can then be formed into a log and wrapped with plastic wrap and put in the freezer. This type of compound butter is great on toasted bread, stirred into rice or pasta dishes, added to a sauce, or added to fish or vegetables when steaming in foil pouches.
Thank you for these suggestions. I love roasted garlic for our mashed potatoes but dislike the energy waste of roasting garlic only when I need it. I stocked up on fresh garlic on sale today and am roasting a delicious batch of it now! The compound butter sounds perfect.
shesparticular (author)  Shakeysister3 years ago
So glad it helped out!
wupme6 years ago
Instead of smashing it, i (and most cooks) would recommend cutting it to fine squares with a really sharp knive. That way the Garlic won't start to oxidate ( wich makes it taste bitter). Only smash it if you intend to use it instantly in a soup or something. On the other hand, if used instantly, a press gives the most flavor.... Yeah, so it depends on the situation wich method to use. But know i'm hungry, i'm gonna roast myself some garlic :-)