These inserts, made from scrap material and raw rice or buckwheat groats/whole buckwheat seeds, are so comforting and roasty, toasty to keep your tootsies warm in your slippers. 

I have made two different varieties  - one for the sole of your slipper, to wear while sitting (it is a little uncomfortable to walk on the inserts and raw rice) and the other to lay on the top of your toes (which you can wear while walking around).

Additionally - similar inserts could be made to insert into your mittens.   Just had another idea - the inserts could be slipped inside your boots too!

Step 1: Materials Needed

Scrap material - flannel or felted wool work especially well
Sewing machine
Raw rice or whole buckwheat seeds or buckwheat groats (do not us buckwheat hulls) 
Thanks! They are so very easy to make and sooo warm.

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