Picture of Roblox: The Ultimate Sword-Fight Guide
Well, this is my first instructable, so don't be hatin'.

First off, Roblox is a fun online building/fighting game that you can play with over 9 Million Online other people. Just go to Roblox.com and check it out.

Second off, this if focusing on the FIGHTING part of Roblox. I might make Building guides later.

So, If you think you're ready, then it's time to start your journey down the long path of a sword-fighter.

Step 1: Section One: The Swords

Picture of Section One: The Swords

Possibly the most important aspect of Sword-Fighting: the sword.

On Roblox, there are TONS of swords. This instructable only shows the most commonly found ones.
gammerguy10 months ago

Hmm.. although you touched up on the swords and items from Sword Fight on the Hights 5 you didn't really explain more about sword fighting... However I didn't know much about the swords anyway so thanks!

cmarklowitz2 years ago
Awesome. Just one question, why no tips on Moonwalking and zooming out, just swords.
Pro - Maps, and Swords Cons - No moonwalk, and zooming out tips and nothing about sword fighting
i remember a time when your tool bar and health meter looked like that.
Is that RATS base or there boat?
gvb4 years ago
I recon that heavy armour doesn't work :ll
GeekBeam4 years ago
finally, another roblox instructable, I've been waiting for one like this, my sword skills need some refinement...