Picture of Robo Blanket: Crochet a blanket using a cross stitch pattern.
I like crocheting. I've been doing it since I was little. But just recently I've discovered how to crochet pictures. Now I'll show you how.

You will need:

Yarn in different colors.
A Cross Stitch pattern
A crochet hook. (I used size H)

You can get cross stitch patterns of anything, and you can even make your own.
I took a picture of the robot from here, and put it into Gimp. I used the mosaic filter to make it into a pattern.

Step 1: Following the Pattern

Picture of Following the Pattern
Here's my pattern. It's pretty simple. It's black and white with no symbols. I used my sticker in the corner as a color guide. I colored in each row with a colored pencil as I finished them. You could use a different color for each work session. I used different colors because my kids kept hiding my pencils.

You start the pattern on the bottom right hand corner. First row you go right to left, second row left to right, 3rd row right to left, etc. You should leave your tail on your piece until you are finished, that way you always know that that is the bottom right hand corner.

Note: I printed my pattern too small. When you print it make it big, so that you don't go crosseyed counting squares.
nimoz4 years ago
that's a great idea! I would never think to turn a picture into a crochet pattern. Crochet is just about the only yarn craft I can do, so this opens up a world of possibilities (and insanity!).
domestic_engineer (author)  nimoz4 years ago
it's hard to find a cros stitch pattern with not too many colors though.

also, i have found ti works better if you change yarn colors with the last loop of the previous stitch.
Looks like somebody doesn't like the blanket. :P
Momma_Bear6 years ago
I never learned how to crochet but I am INSPIRED by your video. Well done! Your calm simple explanation and great camera work make it seem so easy!
stinkymum6 years ago
Wow! I could knit this!
what a great idea! needless to say, five stars. and btw it looks like your kid's are catching the ible fever!
canida6 years ago
Robot looks awesome! And thanks for the info on color changing - I always got confused about how to carry the other color along. Your video + still pictures were perfect. In fact, it might be worth breaking that out into a separate Instructable so people can find it when searching for "how to change colors in crochet". You've already got the material...
gmjhowe6 years ago
thats pretty darn amazing. Great work!