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This robot is one I built to learn. Before this project I did get my feet wet with a few small scale Arduino projects like an ultrasonic robot, (that would move backwards until it was a certain distance away from the wall,) and I did get to play with a few of the shields designed for the Arduino, but I had never built a full scale project with this microchip, or really, any microchip. I knew if I was going to continue on this journey of being a hobbyist I would have to fully understand the Arduino inside out. I wanted a project that would accomplish my goal, (or just get closer to my goal of fully understanding the Arduino,) and one that would be useful or fun to play with after completion! The project that would help me do just that was the Robo-Mobile.


The Robo-Mobile consists of two parts: a chassis and a robotic arm. The arm was designed to be able to pick up items, move them, and drop them in specific places. It was also designed to have a solid range of motion and should be able to move objects with reasonable weight. This arm would then be mounted on a chassis that can then move around like a car. Since the chassis was easier to make, I will be starting this Instructable with the chassis, and I will move to the robotic arm afterwards. This robot was built purely from scratch. (Okay, maybe not the motors, or the Arduino, or the wheels, etc. But no kits or pre-built robot arms or chassis are used in this robot.)


There are many contests that I have entered this Instructable in. One contest I really have hopes up for is the Full Spectrum Laser Contest. I know that there are over 1000 entries and that I am really late, but if you like my Instructable please give me a vote. If I were to win the 3d printer or laser cutter I could greatly improve my robots and other projects.Thanks in advance!

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feelings4 months ago

need more information.

gsandhu29 months ago

I’m working on a project which is about making a rescue
robot . I have struggling with it for 4 months and now all the mechanical works
had been done . but I’m facing difficulty in make the robot to work with rf
module can u plzz help me…

I want make transmitter and receiver that can control the
motion…I mean that receiver should have control 8 dc gear motor and each dc
motor should have a forward and backward botton to control the motion ……can u
kindly help me with this project ….if u can make the circuit board diagram for
the PCB ….or any other suggestion plz reply……mail me at “”

Nolan Keegan10 months ago
Wow, this is by far the most documented instructable I've ever seen. Really cool!

Very, Very cool! Muchly appreciate your going the extra mile to explain App Inventor, et al. Nice to learn there is such a thing as a feedback servo - how'd they work out for you? From what I can see in your video you're able to control your bot fairly confidently - with your cellphone? Awesome. Looks like a fun build.

Well done to be sure Razer0901

Razer0901 (author)  terrible tinkerer10 months ago

Thanks! Hopefully my App Inventor explanation was understandable. Also, feedback servos are basically servos with a built in potentiometer. They worked fairly well but don't expect very precise readings. Control took a lot of practice because the app was so limited. :)


dangelo tan11 months ago

How long did you build this robot?

Razer0901 (author)  dangelo tan11 months ago

Around 2 months, from 7pm to 10pm on weekdays and around 5pm to 10pm on weekends!


its a good question

its a good question

bihan11 months ago

nice project my friend

Razer0901 (author)  bihan11 months ago



cgrrty11 months ago

mark ! good job

Razer0901 (author)  cgrrty11 months ago



Omar Amir11 months ago

Great project and awesome documentation! Btw, it's "Bill" Of Material not "Build" :)

Razer0901 (author)  Omar Amir11 months ago

Oops, thanks I'll change that!


Macit Serhat11 months ago

very good, nice project

Razer0901 (author)  Macit Serhat11 months ago



mahesh_jo11 months ago

Razor0901 Congrats. Very nice project. I wish I can make such a robot. Best wishes.

Razer0901 (author)  mahesh_jo11 months ago



zrelli11 months ago

Awesome project !!!

Razer0901 (author)  zrelli11 months ago



jessyratfink11 months ago

This is fantastic - very well documented. :D

Razer0901 (author)  jessyratfink11 months ago