This motorized, remote controlled heavy-load-carrying surface helps me move heavy projects, materials and machinery around my shop.  Having thrown my back out a few times lifting things I probably should have had a helping hand with, I thought that making something like this would be a great way to repurpose a broken electric wheelchair that was no longer needed of off craigslist and save myself from grief.

After Psycho Scooter Scramble, life really wasn't ever the same.  The practicality and robustness of the electric wheelchair as a project platform is unparalleled.  I have no idea why it took me and my fellow psycho scooter scramblers so long to start messing around with electric wheelchairs.  They are simple to hack, lots of fun to use, and are really efficient and well built machines!  I am sure that this is just the beginning of fun and impractical things that we re-use the hacked electric wheelchairs for.

Hopefully this Instructable will serve more as inspiration for your own whack-job creative electric wheelchair builds rather than an actual set of directions to follow.  I can't say enough how much potential there is for re-using these amazing machines.

Step 1: Get Electric Wheelchair

Hop on Craigslist and search your area for "electric wheelchairs".  

Now the wheelchair that you decide to buy will determine a lot about how easy or difficult the next couple of steps will be.  If you are looking for an adventure, buy any old wheelchair you see in your price range and saddle up for a few hours or days of troubleshooting and hacking.  

If you'd like to make things a bit easier on yourself, buy a wheelchair that you can test and make sure it works.  If the wheelchair's batteries are dead or don't hold a charge, don't worry about it as that's an easy replacement.  The unit should however power on, not give any trouble codes, and drive around.  If it does these things, load it into your car and take it back to your cave.

Audrey and I purchased 4 wheelchairs in one day a few months ago and spent an average of $150  - $250 per wheelchair that met these requirements.  Some even came with fully functioning batteries!

Bring ramps for your car or truck if you can, and drive the wheelchair right inside.  It will make life easier.  Otherwise, bring a friend and do some heavy lifting.
<p>yea I got two robo mowers to build... any advice</p>
My Sweet wife, cuts the grass.always has, house related job, I can see this as fun, eye to hand control type of a game.. <br> <br>Just not sure want to go down this road... <br> <br>Big Jake
Great idea - how do you load the stuff on it without risking the back? <br> <br>I did mine ~10 years ago picking up a box of blank CDs from the floor.... its not the carrying, its the initial lift that does the damage.
This really is cheating... I mean brilliant! And I agree with you, I don't know why I didn't see it before, it's such an obvious robotic platform, one you think about it. My mother even still has my grandmother's electric wheelchair in her shed. I'm going to have to give it a real hard look. :D
That's really great. <br> <br>Unfortunately, Craigslist has nothing below $400 in my area. ;(
Great job! I think with yellow and black painting, it would look very industrial :-)
Add a foot-plate over the castor wheels and you wouldn't have to walk either..
I would add 2 metal bars to the front &amp; a foot jack - then you could slide it under a wooden pallet jack it up to the table &amp; use it like a fork lift - never have to pick up a heavy box again.
HAHAHHHA!!! This is the best up-cycle for these scooters.
This is brilliant!

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