Introduction: Robo-Rooster

Robo-Rooster has a hard drive actuator arm for a head, LED Christmas lights for eyes (they light up), and a CPU fan mounted on a tube from a ballpoint pen. A 5V power supply drives the fan and eyes. He has wings and a tail made from hard drive and power supply connectors, and a grounded AC plug for a body. His legs are made from wire hangars.
His son has a laptop hard drive arm for a head, and a body salvaged from the gas tank of a broken toy motorcycle.
These creatures were built to the exacting specifications of my 9-year old.


stringstretcher (author)2012-10-14

Maaaaybe we should get together....? My chicken!

Wow- that's beautiful, Stringstretcher!!!

Haha! You are the first to say that! (not counting myself.. :) I had fun building this. She has an arduino for a brain and 4 motors. I made the eyes from epoxy and printed irises. I wanted to make an egg that went up and down on a string... someday she will lay that egg!

Love your rooster, too. Fun creations.

ANDY! (author)2010-04-06

 that's amazing, cause I'v e never seen your ible and i made this two years later! Look at "junk Art" by ANDY!

zeon (author)2010-03-02

so all you really need is a few odd bits and bobs from around the home and a nine year old :D

8bit (author)2008-12-30

Your 9-year old has quite a talent for artistic specifications!

roboman01 (author)2008-12-30

Reminds me of Nemo Gould's creations... Very nice!

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