Step 16: Foaming

Picture of Foaming
IMG_4188 - Version 2.png
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IMG_4213 - Version 2.png
We should cover the base to ensure no wires get snagged and no electronics fall out. We’ll use some foam for this, cutting two pieces each for the bottom/top side, the left/right side, and the front/back side.

For the bottom, left/right, and front/back sides the cutting is straight forward- cut it to the length. For gluing all the sides on (except for the bottom and front), only glue the top edge as you will be able to then lift the foam and see the electronics inside. We can use velcro later on to secure the foam pieces to the base to keep them closed.

The top side will be similar to a skirt, where we will wrap it around the base. In order to make this, cut a rectangle the same size as your base (approximately- we can always trim later). Find the center of the rectangle and cut a small square of about 4cm. Cut a straight line leading from the center to the middle of the longest side.

Wrap the ‘skirt’ around the base of the RoboBrrd and test the rotation. If the foam is getting caught on anything, expand the dimensions of the square and test again. Once it all fits, glue the front side onto the base. From here, we can add velcro to the other sides to secure it in place.

The velcroing can be done as you see necessary. For this RoboBrrd, we used 3 small squares per side near the corners and in the middle. This ensures for a smooth look.
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