Step 18: Final Touches

Picture of Final Touches
IMG_3917 - Version 3.png
IMG_3922 - Version 3.png
IMG_4167 - Version 2.png
IMG_4171 - Version 2.png
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IMG_4176 - Version 2.png
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IMG_4187 - Version 2.png
IMG_4217 - Version 2.png
IMG_4218 - Version 2.png
IMG_4219 - Version 2.png
Let’s add some final touches to this RoboBrrd to make it look snazzy.

The most necessary addition are googely eyes over the RGB LEDs! To mount the eyes, place some hot glue in the middle of the back of the googely eye, and gently press it into the LED. You should see the back flex inwards a bit as you are pressing it. This is okay, but make sure it doesn’t flex inwards too much otherwise the eye won’t be able to jiggle. Ensure that the eye is as parallel as possible to the front face. Hold it until the glue has dried. It should be surprisingly sturdy!

Next, add on the legs to the RoboBrrd. We use pipe cleaners for this. They attach to the bottom of the RoboBrrd.

Now we can add some additions to the faces of the RoboBrrd, for example a lightning bolt and some stripes.

Be sure to paint the craft sticks on the DC motor for the hula hoop if not done already.

Cut a small opening in the back panel of the foam for the base. This will be for the USB cable for the Arduino.

If you want to add feathers to the RoboBrrd, go ahead! Plus, add on some other extra accessories. Bells on the wings would be an interesting musical touch.
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