Step 19: Above & Beyond

Picture of Above & Beyond
Congrats! You are now completed the RoboBrrd construction. Now it is time to take it to the next level. What will you do with your RoboBrrd? In the 2nd picture is a drawing of a RoboBrrd by a fabulous young robot/artist named Alec! Way to go!

The possibilities for RoboBrrd are endless.

You can interface RoboBrrd with the ‘Math in Space’ Processing program that was created for a previous RoboBrrd! You can grab the code on GitHub here. Try modifying it to make it work with your RoboBrrd. (Hint: instead of using a distance sensor, try using the LDRs!)

If you were working with someone else who was also creating a RoboBrrd, you can have them interact with each other if you add on an XBee to them! Create a mini mesh network and share messages from the RoboBrrds in between them.

Other ideas are to make the RoboBrrd sing, send out virtual tweets, and add more sensors to it! Adding something like a pulse sensor would be neat. The RoboBrrd can alert you if you have no pulse (wait, that doesn’t make much sense!). :)

Go wild with it. RoboBrrd is an awesome robot to explore different movements and behaviours with!

Huge thanks to Adafruit Industries for the servos, electronics, inspiration and celebration of robots, Arduinos, and OSHW.

Huge thanks to all of the fans of RoboBrrd out there, and the people who inspire me to make funky robots.

Thanks to David Cuartielles for the great photos of RoboBrrd at Maker Faire NYC 2011 (used in Step 1).

If you have built a RoboBrrd, leave a comment with your feedback, and create your own Instructable documenting your process!