Step 3: Faces Construction

There are three different faces that we need to create to form the cube of RoboBrrd’s skeleton. These are the bottom face, the side faces, and the front & back face.

Bottom Face
The bottom face is designed with a large hole in the back to route the wires from the LEDs & LDRs and servos into the base where the controller board will be. There is a 3 popsicle stick wide platform in the middle in order for the dual-lock to attach to the rotational servo in the base.

Side Faces
For the side faces, you will need to create two for the left and right side of the bottom face. The only difference between the two sides will be the positioning of the ledge. The ledge is always closest to the back of the RoboBrrd. The ledge in the side faces is used to neatly route the LED & LDR wires, allowing them to not interfere with the movement of the wings and beak mechanism.

Front & Back Face
The front and back face are constructed out of coffee stir sticks as their main structural purpose is to help the side faces remain perpendicular to the bottom face.

The front face is specifically used to mount the beak halves. This will be in more detail in a later step.

When all of the faces are constructed, they need to be attached. It is important to ensure that the faces are perpendicular to each other. Placing the hot glue on the edges of the faces that are being mounted is usually the best tactic for this.
splash3 years ago
There's a problem with two of the images for the bottom face. The thumbnails are present, but when you click on them, they are "not found". The missing images contain the dimensions for the bottom face.
RobotGrrl (author)  splash3 years ago
Yes, this is a known issue. Since this was an entrant into the laser cutter contest, the rules don't allow us to edit the Instructable. :/ We'll update it as soon as we can!

The weird part is that the image itself was uploaded fine, and worked fine for a few hours afterwards. Something strange must have happened on their server.

There will be more CAD images uploaded soon as well, I'll reply back with more details :)

Thanks for the comment!