Step 5: Base Construction

Picture of Base Construction
IMG_3429 - Version 3.png
IMG_3432 - Version 3.png
IMG_3435 - Version 2.png
IMG_3441 - Version 3.png
IMG_3449 - Version 3.png
IMG_3454 - Version 2.png
IMG_3461 - Version 3.png
IMG_3470 - Version 2.png
IMG_3471 - Version 3.png
IMG_3473 - Version 3.png
IMG_3474 - Version 3.png
IMG_3478 - Version 3.png
IMG_3479 - Version 3.png
IMG_3480 - Version 3.png
IMG_3483 - Version 3.png
IMG_3485 - Version 3.png
IMG_3620 - Version 2.png
IMG_3636 - Version 2.png
The base is where the rotational servo, battery, and controller board will be housed. It is also good to keep in mind that it will also be where all of the wires will be situated. The controller board will be placed to the right of the servo, and the battery and speaker to the left of the servo.

The rotational servo will be placed directly in the middle of the base, and it is what will be bearing all of the weight of the faces construction above. We will use the circular servo horn on the rotational servo as it has the largest surface area. On top of here, we will have a small popsicle stick construction which will have a piece of dual lock on it. On the bottom face of RoboBrrd we will attach the other piece of dual lock. This will allow us to be able to take off the main RoboBrrd structure without having to dismantle everything.

If you need some more room for the controller board, move the rotational servo to the left a few millimetres. For this RoboBrrd, we had to move the rotational servo 3mm to the left to allow for enough room for the controller board.

The easiest way to construct the base is to make the bottom and top ‘flat’ pieces first. Then, attach the perpendicular stands to the bottom. To finish, glue the top piece onto the stands.
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