Step 8: Rotational Servo

As mentioned in the previous step “Base Construction”, the rotational servo will be mounted directly in the middle of the base. The servo horn on the rotational servo should be the exact center (or close to it) of the base. If the controller board needs more space, the rotational servo can be moved a couple of millimetres to the left. For this RoboBrrd, we had to move the rotational servo 3mm to the left to allow for enough room for the controller board.

First we have to check the boundaries of the rotational servo. Using a 4 point servo horn, see that it can travel around pointing from the left to the right. When finished, move the servo horn directly to the middle.

We will use the circular servo horn on the rotational servo as it has the largest surface area. On top of here, we will have a small popsicle stick construction. Before mounting the construction to the servo horn, ensure the screw is in the servo horn.

Place a piece of dual lock on the popsicle stick construction. On the bottom face of RoboBrrd we will attach the other piece of dual lock. This will allow us to be able to take off the main RoboBrrd structure without having to dismantle everything.