Step 9: Hula Hoop

The hula hoop uses a DC motor with two ends of craft sticks stuck together to push up on a ring of pipecleaners. The hoop of pipecleaners is attached to the back of the RoboBrrd structure, wound around the back and bottom face near the middle.

The DC motor for the hula hoop is mounted in the back left corner of the RoboBrrd structure. It uses the left face, bottom platform, and a little piece of the back face for support.

In order for the hula hoop to ‘float’ near the front of the RoboBrrd, we need to push down on the back of the hoop. We use a piece of sturdy wire to do this.

To lift the hoop up, we use some diamond shaped windings of pipecleaner, pictured above in orange. They are attached to the structure of the RoboBrrd more securely using hot glue. However, they are still able to be shaped to change the way the hoop jiggles.

It will take some testing to determine the best shape for the hoop to be coming in contact with the craft stick ends on the DC motor. Ideally, the shape shouldn’t allow the motor to stall too often.

Depending on how long you allow the motor to run, you can get interesting hula hoop results. We will be creating the circuit for the DC motor in a later step.