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In this explanation you get a very simple way to connect a ESP8266 WiFi board to the RoboRema App.

You need:

  • Android or Apple device to run the RoboRemo app.
  • Install the RoboRemo app.
  • Install Arduino IDE
  • Install Arduino ESP8266 library.
  • ESP8266 board like Wemos D1 mini or NodeMCU. (for ESP-01 you need additional USB to seriel adapter, wires and more, not so handy)
  • MicroUSB cable


  • Wemos D1 Mini library and examples.
  • Additional shields.

The intention of this instructeble is to give you the foundation with the connection so you can add more functionality by yourself.

Help with installing Arduino: Programming-the-WeMos-Using-Arduino-SoftwareIDE

Wemos Arduino help and Wemos Shields library

Step 1: Coding Your Sketch

  • Download the sketch and copy this code to your Arduino IDE.
  • Look if the *ssid = "RoboRemo" fits your needs or change it. (don't use the SSID from your local network)
  • If you want add a password by *pw
  • Choice by Tools => Board the right board (Wemos D1 mini)

Step 2: Set COM-port

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  • Look to the Ports that are connected (Port:).
  • Connect the ESP8266 (Wemos mini) with the microUSB cable.
  • Select the COM-port that is last added.Upload your sketch.

Step 3: Make Connection

To make connection between the ESP8266 and RoboRemo there are two steps.

1 Device WiFi

We made from the ESP8266 a Wifi-server. So you have to set the device - WiFi - settings to RoboRemo or the name you chance it. So go to the WiFisettings from your device.

2 RoboRemo connect

From the RoboRemo-app :

menu => connect => Internet (TCP) => other => fill in IP-adres. In the scetch is given :

The WiFi IP will be remember so the next time you can easy click on the right IP.

If there is a problem you have to get the IP from the serial monitor.

  • Arduino => Tools => Serial monitor.
  • Reset the ESP8266 or reconnect it.
  • Wait until the IP is given.

It can by usefull to change the IP in the Arduino sketch. For example in classroom with more ESP's.

Step 4: Setup the RoboRemo App Interface

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Now the right program is running on the ESP8266 and the connection is made we can setup the buttons for controling the IO-pins.

For more instructions download the l RoboRemo manual


  • Menu => edit ui => tap anywhere on the screen (new menu pops up) => choice button => drag the button (pick up on the left top corner) to the place you want => resize the button if you want (right bottum corner).
  • Tap on the button so a menu appears => tap on "set press action" => enter a A => tab Ok. => tap on "set release action" => enter a 1 => tab "Ok"
  • You can customize the button by color, text etc..
  • Leave this buttonmenu.
  • tab the "menu" button. => select "don't edit ui".


Step 5: Customize Your App and Sketch

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If the base I give is working well you can customize and expand your app and sketch.

The limit of this sketch is that I use one character commando's. So numbers bigger than 9 can not be sent.

If you want you can pickup the sketch on the RoboRemo website ESP8266-wifi-car and tune it.

The Arduino GPIO numbers do not match the Wemos or NodeMCU pin-numbers Look on the picture for translation or download the PDF


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