Picture of Robopod the Arduino Powered Robot

Robopod is a simple arduino robot that uses antennas to detect obstacles. Robopod's motors are controlled by an H bridge and   powered by a nine volt battery.  Robopods circuit is based on a breadboard for easy modification.
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Step 1: Tools and Materials


  • Drill press and/or Drill
  • Drill bits
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Xato Knife
  • Soldering Iorn
  • Clamp
  • Printer
  • Wire Strippers/Cutters

Step 2: CuttingThe Shell

Picture of CuttingThe Shell
First download the pdf and open it up in Adobe Reader and press the print button. When the print menu comes up select "poster" under page size and handling; press print.  Using a paper cutter or a knife and ruler cut off the excess paper using the crosses to align the ruler or paper cutter. Then tape the sheets together with scotch tape and roughly cut the shape out. Next cut a off piece of corrugated plastic slightly bigger than the template you just cut out. After that, tape the template to the plastic and cut on the outside lines with a ruler and knife.  Then tape the template back on the piece you just cut out and  cut half way through on the rest of the lines so the segments can bend along the cuts.

Step 3: Gluing the Shell

Picture of Gluing the Shell
Start by folding the shell along the scored lines and tape it together. Then glue all the seams and score lines with hot glue except the bottom ones . Once the hot glue cools remove the tape and then cut along the bottom score line so that you have flat base and a top shell.

Step 4: The Base

Picture of The Base
First print off the pdf file at the bottom of the page and cut it out along the outside lines and tape it to the robot base. Next, cut the two small rectangles out of the base with a knife.
jimster12182 years ago
How does your antennas detect touch? I noticed that you do not have CapacitiveSensor library in your code.
Just add teeth. See URL for Cybermat with teeth.
Kiteman2 years ago
Hehe, it looks like a Cybermat!
Just what I was thinking! Our son has built some fibreglass cybermats, I'm definitely showing him this!
HelmutHound2 years ago
This may be an off question (considering its a robot ible).
How exactly did you calculate the length, width and angle of each segment, in regards to the shell / exoskeleton of your robot?
86 (author)  HelmutHound2 years ago
I modelled the shell in sketchup and then unfolded it using the unfold tool
WWC HelmutHound2 years ago
Ya what did he use to lay that out?