Introduction: Robot

Okay. I started to build something with Arduino, because i have enought skills to build something harder than blinking led(that was my first project i made!!). I searced all kind of projects, but those was too hard to me or to easy, or too expensive for student like me. So i managed to build a robot. This is my second robot, and i think the first robot was better in movements, but it was so slow that even rock could pass it when moving. Then i started to look better motors, but i have no luck. Brushless motors have extremely high RPM and they are sooooo powerful! Then i found motor and wheel within 2€ from Ebay. Then i has to think about how i´m going to control it, move it and what if connection brokes or what if i just want to use it without remote controller.

This is part of my story of starting build that robot. I have also many other projects (i have 100 codes written in Arduino IDE). Now let´s move forward in this project.

Step 1: Getting Started

In this project, i´m showing how to build your own robot (or you can just watch what have i done).

I´m warning you because 4WD robot is not going to turn correctly. That´s why i taped my wheels.

I build the robot and controller myself with 2 Arduino´s but you can use other methods to control it.

This robot has carbon fiber chassis, but i did´n bought it myself. It is expensive, so i´m not recommending to use it(but if you have money it´s the best material to build chassis).

First we have to order all parts. I´m poor student, so i bought all parts from Ebay.


Main parts:

-2x Arduino Nano as brains in this project(any arduino is suitable for this project)

-4x Motors + wheels so we can move around

-2x NRF24L01 with SMA+PA LNA antenna to communicate between the controller and robot

-2x breadboard (I use 2x 400 pin solderless breadboard because they are so small)

-2x 3.3V regulator (my Arduino started resetting when i plugged the antenna to 3.3v)

-2x some kind of rechargeable battery or just battery to drive controller, motors, and arduino on the robot.

-2x 2 channel dc motor driver (I use L9110S that has PWM but it´s not suitable for robot (heats up).


Optional parts:

-2x Line sensor module to follow the line

-9G servo

-Ultrasonic distance sensor (9G servo is moving it to create wider radar)

Step 2: Building the Robot

When you have all your parts, you can start assembling it.

First we need chassis. I used carbon fibre, because it is light and thin and strong at the same time.

Okay now we can start building the chassis. I clued two plates under and top of the motors like in the pic. You can do it other way but i decided to do it like this.

Then we have to clue our motor controllers to somewhere. I have my controlles on the sides of the robot, beacause i don´t have space anymore, and my controllers have cooling problem(i could fix it with heat sinks).

Next step is attaching your battery. I used 2x 18650 rechargeable battery in parallel to create about 3 volts to my 0.9V-5V to 5V usb step up power. This thing powers up just my Arduino, no motors. I have 8x AA battery holder to power my motors. I use 4x 2500mAh and 4x 2000mAh rechargeable batteries.

Then you have to clue your breadboard on top of the robot. Then clue Arduino´s power to board.

Now we have only almost all "real components". First wire NRF to Arduino like this: 1 - GND 2 - VCC 3.3V !!! NOT 5V => You have to connect VCC trought your regulator! 3 - CE to Arduino pin 9 4 - CSN to Arduino pin 10 5 - SCK to Arduino pin 13 6 - MOSI to Arduino pin 11 7 - MISO to Arduino pin 12 8 - UNUSED

I connected motor controllers like this, but you don´t have to do same: -VCC -> Plus of my 8xAA battery pack (IT HAS 8-20V TO 5V CONVENTER!!!) -GND -> Negative of my 8xAA battery pack -i used pins 2,6,3 and 5 to control it(i can give more information lately)

If you want to install line sensors or ultrasonic sensor, i made it like this: -I clued them just to the bottom of the robot, between two front wheels. -I have not installed ultrasonic yet, because i have broke my servo. It´s simple to attach, just clue servo to top of the robot and clue ultrasonic sensor top of the servo.

Step 3: Building the Remote

Okay. Now we have robot. Next thing is get it moving. To control it, we have to build remote controller.

I used PS2 joystick module, nrf24l01 transreceiver module with SMA+LNA 2.4Ghz antenna and 3.3V regulator to get nrf working.

Connect nrf like this:

1 - GND 2 - VCC 3.3V !!! NOT 5V(to 3.3v regulator) 3 - CE to Arduino pin 9 4 - CSN to Arduino pin 10 5 - SCK to Arduino pin 13 6 - MOSI to Arduino pin 11 7 - MISO to Arduino pin 12 8 - UNUSED

Then i just connected x to A0 and y to A1. Then you need power supply. I used 9v battery to power my controller.

Step 4: We Are Ready!

This robot looks almost pretty ;) I ran out of hot glue, so i decided to tape it ;D

Okay! Now we have robot and controller. My robot is 900 G weight, and it haves problems to move. I´m working now hard to fix those things, and i will tell you immediately if i get this bug fixed. This project is pretty average stuff, but my explanation was pretty messy. I hope you got something from this post!


I finally got it working! It turns poorly, but it turn! I used clear tape around wheels, and i have too crappy motors and motor drivers, so it´s turns kind difficulty. It moves fast and has long driving time and range!

What i could build next? Next post is much clearer than this, because i wrote this quickly. Please leave comment about my project!



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    hey, its amazing but i could not understand how to copnnect wires

    Hey, this looks great! Thanks for sharing your robot!