Robot Arm MK2 Plus (Stepper Motor Used)


Introduction: Robot Arm MK2 Plus (Stepper Motor Used)


Step 1: Print All 3D Slt File.

Step 2: Motor Gear Assembly

Step 3: Gear Arm Assembly

Step 4: Main Arm to Base Assembly

Step 5: 2nd Arm Assembly

Step 6: 2 Stepper Motors Assembly

Step 7: Low Base Assembly

Step 8: Low Base Bearing Assembly

Step 9: 3rd Stepper Motor Assembly

Step 10: Low Base Gear Assembly

Step 11: Electronic Part Asembly. Install Driver & Software

To install driver and software for Arduino pls follow video instruction.



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    I have printed this design and i am using NEMA 17 stepper motors it fits perfectly with holes in the design but the only thing is that the shaft is a bit longer of my motor so have to cut it down to correct length .

    I want to make your robot arm design but missing the base stl file. Look forward to make when available :).